Multiplayer no longer extending the life of games

In this editorial by Shane Bell, CIO of Urgent Fury, he discusses how multiplayer gaming has transformed over the past 10 years. He talks about how multiplayer used to be about building clans and communities giving games long lifespans. Whereas now, multiplayer is just another label on the package with no real benefit to the game developers.

Do you think multiplayer and long standing clans are a thing of the past?

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Tanir3144d ago

cuz MP is the same old crap. when this fad started the normal gamers only bought games with online and missed out on good MP games because they didnt have MP, then even when the game had MP it was just tacked on anyway so it sucked and normal players noticed it and stopped buying a gaming hoping it would have awesome MP like "COD or halo"

this leads to games being made as MP only games with tacked on SP's like cod and halo

Grave3144d ago

which,ithink, also hurts the MP. developers should just start making MP only games maybe?

kneon3144d ago

And then people will complain about that. When MAG came out people complained that they wouldn't pay full price for an online only game. Then many of these same people turn around and by some other game and barely play the SP, if at all.

It doesn't matter what you do there is always someone who will whine about it. Gamers have become the whiniest group of consumers on the planet.

bozebo3144d ago

Halo's campaign is still good. It only stepped down a notch after 1.

bozebo3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

CoD4 had a competetive scene on the rise but they screwed that up by turning the series into a yearly release which pulled a lot of the focus away and keeps it from settling on one.

CS:S decreased in popularity because they introduced too many bugs. CS:GO looks to fix that, but it's an entirely new game for some reason (money).

CoD kinda steals the highlight on consoles but on PC there are a lot of MP games regularly played for years and years after release. The main reasons: dedicated servers, larger userbase (much larger), mods and the older users who aren't into gaming like they where when they were young so they only play a few titles with the same group of people from time to time.

urgentfury3144d ago

I totally agree about the yearly releases... and then on top of that they are going to have up to 9 DLC releases in MW3.

Just think if a game was on a 2 to 3 year release cycle and included that amount of DLC. I think it would make for a successful venture.

There is always the chance that people that did not buy the game at first will get it when the DLC releases each time.

jerethdagryphon3144d ago

you nailed it right on thehead mp was used to extend a single player game until the next great game came along

now games come out so quickly theres no community anymore

you either buy a game on release and play the mp or if you bought it late you struggle to find a game

cod and halo mostly go with the flow black ops came out world at war and mw2 players switched over yes you can still find games but theres not as many then they switched again

no a game has to have mp even if the mp is only played for a few weeks

urgentfury3144d ago

It is amazing how in the beginning you could play a multiplayer game for years, build up friendships... and now all you get is kids talking smack.

The way everyone plays has changed so much over the last 10 years

kevnb3144d ago

well it depends if the mp is any good.

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