Is Skyrim the Best Glitched Game Ever?

Despite its flaws, many consider Skyrim to be a great game. GameZone's Matt Liebl states, "Despite its glaring problems, ridiculous flaws, and annoying bugs, those who have actually played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will generally admit that they love it."

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DarkBlade46583144d ago

It's a fun game, regardless of glitches. But I think bethesda is beginning to upset a lot of fans with the recent patch having even more bugs.

damnyouretall3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

patching shit can cause other problems with a game, most of us know that. a sp game this size and scope has never been done before, bethesda is still learning as they go i guess. the patch came out too quick and apparently wasnt tested to the fullest. disapointing as hell, but it is definetly one of the greatest most fkd up games ive ever played.

Solidus187-SCMilk3144d ago

yeah I was gonna get the patch for 360 so I could install the game but I hear the patch sucks.

I actually havent had any problems at all with it on 360 besides not being able to install. So I decided to not get the patch and just play it off the disk still since it works perfectly now and I think the patch may mess it up.

maniacmayhem3144d ago

Its the same as the Fallout games.

But people seem to be more tolerate and understanding for these types of games.

brbobcat3144d ago

You tend to accept the good with the bad from bethesda games. With that said, the autor summed it up perfectly. "No game will ever be bug free"

maniacmayhem3144d ago

True, and there is more good in the Fallout games and Skyrim then bad.

theonlylolking3144d ago

"You tend to accept the good with the bad from bethesda games." That is the problem. If bethesda games got rated lower because of the glitches like any other game then they might take more time to have less bugs.

Solidus187-SCMilk3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

well id still give it a great score since I have not had any problems at all. I didnt download the latest patch tho, but I dont need to since the game works perfectly on my 360. Im just going to keep playing off the disk and not get the patch as I dont really have any issues I need fixed so far.

Ive had no stuttering framerate, no flying backwards dragons, no problem absorbing dragon souls, no freezing, no quest problems, etc. I know that some people have these problems, but alot dont have any problems either Im guessing.

Maybe the 360 version works pretty good overall? I know that the patch sucked and the problem with the textures when installed, but Im playing it off the disk without the latest patch and it has worked perfectley for me so far.

only thing I want is to be able to install it but Ive noticed the loads are not even that long without it. Even off the disk the skyrim loads are much shorter than deus ex loads were with the game installed.

Darth Gamer3144d ago

There is no way in hell you can make a game of this scope, bug free! Plain and simple. We are past the days of simple four button games where you either attacked or jumped in a simple 2D or 3D world. There is way too many variables going on in these games now a days. I'll take the bugs and be happy with a still fantastic game and experience.

Neckbear3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Surely you can't, but these glitches really aren't related to the size or scope of the game; it's just a bad engine, and bad programming. Memory leaks, crashes and the fact that magic resistance went poof with a patch (the latter still being baffling- like, SERIOUSLY?) aren't exactly related to the myriad of things to do in Skyrim.

Besides, other games of similar scopes (See: Rockstar's games) manage to go through with only minor bugs, whereas Bethesda's release with actually game-breaking stuff. If you really think about it that way, there's NO EXCUSE for Bethesda for just putting out a game that doesn't really work in more ways than one, even in the basic stuff such as dragons or quests.

I can forgive an amusing instance of dancing spiders, sure; that's minor. I really can't stand having to start a NG+ and load up a save because, on PC, the goddamn game falsely thinks all my save data is corrupted. And let's not mention the "Skyrim.exe Has Experienced an Error and Has Stopped Working." cases that happen every single thirty minutes.

DarkBlade46583144d ago


While Rockstar's games are massive, they aren't NEARLY as unscripted as Skyrim. That is why changes made to Skyrim are so hard to predict and catch.

CynicalVision3144d ago

I'm not sure what happened to Bethesda this generation, Fallout 3 and Skyrim are incredible games but the glitches are unforgivable.

I've never played a game before where I had to manually save every 15 minutes out of fear that it would crash (talking about New Vegas).

Sure, there's no such thing as a bug free game but it seems impossible for this developer to make a game that doesn't just have a few.

Bigpappy3144d ago

They simply have a problem with programing for the PS3. This game and fall out 3 run just fine on the 360 where they were developed. They need to have another team work on PS3 ports.

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xVeZx3144d ago

everytime i see articles like this i think of the glitchy swingset in gta4 and how awesome it was

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