Msxbox - Zune Film Club: Horrible Bosses review

Msxbox-world put the games on hold and take a look at the latest comedy to hit the Zune Film club on Xbox 360.

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bobrea3149d ago

Just because Zune is on xbox360, it doesn't mean that n4g should be approving movie reviews. Is this really happening?

DontShoot-Me-Bro3149d ago

Totally agree.

But still Jennifer Aniston looks so hot in the movie.

It seems the older she gets the hotter she is.

While Angelina Jolie is going the opposite.

Brad Pitt made the wrong choice!

Tanir3149d ago

yeeeeeeaaaaaah wtf.....I guess we should be reviewing blu-rays next since ps3 is a bluray player

floetry1013149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Could well be the most irrelevant review ever released on N4G.

Bleucrunch3149d ago

I could care less for the Zune but I do LOVE that pic of Jennifer Aniston.....a beautiful Woman indeed....yaaaay Gaming. LOL

maniacmayhem3149d ago

Jennifer Aniston was born to play that role. She was smoking hot in that movie.

The movie was also hilarious.

DlocDaBudSmoka3149d ago

yea that movie ended up being good bc of jennifer aniston. she is hot as hell in the movie and a nympho. made her asst look like a bitch.