Counter Strike: Global Offensive Graphics - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Rather Disappointing

PC Games shows some fresh screenshots from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The folks show the good, bad and ugly moments of the latest Source Engine build.

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SJPFTW3148d ago

when was counter strike ever about graphics? and these graphics look fine... what do you expect from a game that going to be selling for at most $20?

Wizziokid3148d ago

graphics arn't the best? so... It's Counter Strike, it's all about the gameplay experience

Games4M - Rob3148d ago

Looks fine to me, its never been touted as a visual powerhouse and has always been about a fluid multiplayer experience.

Cannot wait for this to be released on PS3.

JsonHenry3148d ago

Counter Strike has never been top of the graphics charts. Although for its time CS:S was rather good looking. And since this is more of a gimmick to push sales on consoles than anything I am not surprised that the game is less than stellar graphically.

ambientFLIER3148d ago

That's funny, because the 3 comments above me say "Oh, it's fine, CS has always been about a fluid multiplayer experience and not graphics!", yet people bash COD every chance they get.

Drekken3148d ago

Hey look a CoD lover... lets bash him!

SJPFTW3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

because a new version of counterstrike does not get released every year, asking you for full $60 for the same game since 2007. and unlike COD, CS is not broken and Valve actually patches their game. oh yahh and no overpriced DLC pack, maps are free in CS since they are all community created

ambientFLIER3148d ago

You don't have to buy it yearly if you don't want to...

jut4203148d ago

@ambientflier if you want to keep up with the community, then yes you have to, which is what most people do

jut4203148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

sorry double post

ambientFLIER3147d ago

Not really...You could skip every other one and not feel as bored with it.

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