Minecraft updates will keep coming ‘for as long as people keep buying it’

Despite having finally hit version 1.0, Minecraft updates will keep on coming for the foreseeable future, according to creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson.

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wallis3141d ago

Minecraft christmas list (please santa?):
More biomes
Dynamic weather e.g. wind (applications below)
More means for travel (hot air balloon, sail boat)
Sky dimension (the ender is boring).
More villager behaviour.
More observable animal behaviour.

ThatIrishGamer3141d ago

I'll never understand why people play Minecraft.

But still. . .that's what makes gaming great.

edgeofblade3141d ago

I COULD give you a psychological explanation of how it taps directly into survival mechanisms and evolutionary strengths widely documented in research.

Or I could just give you the word "Maslow" and watch you fumble around through Wikipedia for the next five minutes. :-)

bozebo3141d ago

As long as people keep buying it?

I bought it because it had potential... so, wtf. People already paid for it to be more than what it is now. Notch is just becoming incredibly lazy and his programming is actually bad.

I would expect at least another 2 years of continued development, if you look at Terraria and Dwarf Fortress you will notice just how incredible Minecraft can become. If he stops development, one of the Minecraft clone games (the ones on XBL etc.) will become a lot better.

f7897903141d ago

How about animals that run when one of their own is slaughtered in front of them. I'm in a herd of cows killing them one by one and the others just sit there mooing.

edgeofblade3141d ago

My wishlist is simple, but offers opportunity. Increase the number of towns, start in a town, and have roads between towns. Start inching toward Minecraft being able to generate a Elder Scrolls-grade world. I know Mojang and Bethesda aren't on the best of terms, but they are burning the same candle from opposite ends.

As it is, right now, the game is too "indie". It's come to the point where we need to accept Minecraft as a "big game" with a different development paradigm. Indie is too loaded a term with too many expectations of quaint clumsiness at the expense of the potential of the game.