Gran Turismo 5 Gets New "Spec II" Box Art, Refreshed Disc

A new version of Gran Turismo 5, which includes the recent Spec II update, is coming to store shelves in Japan February 2012.

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Nitrowolf23137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Actually doubt this will make it's way over to the states. I know GT5 Prologue specs didn't leave Japan other then in the form of an update. Unlike in PS2 era where you couldn't download an update. I know it would be more benificial for new buyers, but I'm just basing this off GT5P Specs versions

iWishTifaWasReal3137d ago

The Box art would have been better if they took out the word, "SPEC II" on the background. just leave out the Red Bull car and the GT5 Logo.

i still like it tho

Ddouble3137d ago

Nice boxart but i prefer the original one to it.

Hicken3137d ago

That's a badass cover.