CS:GO Beta Officially Released

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta is officially LIVE! Those of you with beta keys can now download and play the CS:GO closed beta through Steam.

The CSGO beta features just two maps, fan favorites de_dust and de_dust2, meaning that Defusal will be the only available game mode, although Valve have not commented on whether we will see Hostage or Arsenal (GunGame) maps in the beta later on. Similarly, only one player model for each team will be included, the infamous Elite Crew model for Terrorists and Seal Team Six for Counter-Terrorists.

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Kran2982d ago

I was surprised to find this had steam achievements.

For the beta!

fluffydelusions2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I look forward to seeing gameplay and general reactions to the game. Been watching steam forums and neogaf and the general consensus is that it's a lot of fun and the graphics look really good on PC. Portal 2 engine and all. BTW if anyone has an extra beta key msg/add me on steam please :) :) my steam id is same as my username here :)

3nnui2982d ago

Downloading it now... cannot frickin' wait!