PS Vita games will not have fixed prices

Sony has declared that PlayStation Vita games shall do away with a fixed pricing model, instead using a range of different prices to help combat the rise of cheap smartphone games. That's Sony doing something adaptive and smart. I'm genuinely impressed.

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MasterCornholio3148d ago

So vita games can be cheaper, equal or more expensive than 3DS games and it all depends on how much work devs put into the game and how much publishers want to charge for them. I like this idea very much.


jujubee883148d ago

A scientific observation will show when a game maker is being greedy and when they are being humble.

The marketing and business on the PS Vita should VERY interesting. PS Vita is certainly a device that business people can gamble on being successful but, it is what they make of it.

DJMarty3147d ago

Make of this what you will. But who pays full RRP anyway.