Activision says Star Wars The Old Republic will benefit Lucas Arts not EA

Star Wars The Old Republic is the biggest costing video game ever. Getting close to being 2 times the other most costly video game. What if the game cost so much to make and gives EA so little profit that they can not profit. well that might sounds like it could not happen but this interview with the largest game maker says other wise.

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ZombieAssassin2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I think they're just worried that they might steal some of their WoW players so of course they'll downplay it. It's freakin' star wars man, if I had a PC that could run it I'd be playing it and I really don't care for MMO's.

I'd say it'll benefit both, EA because I'm sure it'll make them a lot of money over the long haul of things and LucasArts because they'll be getting money for doing nothing at all.

NukaCola2979d ago

You don't need a high powered PC to run SWTOR. It's about the same caliber in visuals as WOW. It's definitely a WOW competitor. As if Activision has anything to say. WOW was created by the brilliant minds at Blizzard and who the hell are they to bad mouth EA. Let Blizzard do the smack, which they won't becuase they are one of the best developers in the industry.

ZombieAssassin2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

If my laptop had a Dualcore CPU i'd be all over it but I have a crappy AMD Sempron 2GHz (pretty much the worst current AMD CPU). About the best game I can play without major frame-rate drops is Guild Wars and even then I can't run everything on max settings.

Kinda off topic but sort of a reply, how the hell has Activision not ruined Blizzard yet? Although once CoD goes the way of Guitar Hero I see them forcing them to pump out Diablo's/StarCrafts quicker and on more platforms because Activision really doesn't have any other good selling IP's.

caboose322978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Activision doesn't technically own Blizzard so I doubt they can "force" them to make anything. They haven't really had any affect on the company at all.

I'm pretty sure Blizzard is going to continue to take 12 years to release a game.

ZombieAssassin2978d ago

Well you're right but the parent company of both of them I believe is Vivendi so they could if Activision isn't bringing in the money.

Wizziokid2978d ago


try this :)

anyway I played the beta and I loved it, pre-ordered it straight after, buying a new PC in January too so it's going to be awesome :)

on Activision, they are obviously concerned otherwise they wouldn't be mentioning it. it may not do better than WoW but it doesn't mean it's not the better game, I played LOTRO for 2 years and though that was 10x better than WoW but it's no where near as popular sadly, it's mainly due to the close-minded WoW gamers which think WoW started the MMO and all the features hence WoW clone, but in light WoW is just a clone of EQ2

ZombieAssassin2978d ago

Ha yea that's what I use to see if my comp will play most games, but thanks anyways.

Also I don't think they copied EQ2 as they came out the same year but the first EQ is a different story.