The Daily Rotation - WWE '12 Review

Steve of The Daily Rotation wrote, "WWE ’12 starts off fresh this year. After too many fans complaining about the same thing year after year when THQ launched WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2011, which was the 12th game in the series. THQ decided to revamp the game with a new technology dubbed “Predator” and change the title to just WWE ’12. In most cases, this works like a charm. The hours I plugged into this game felt far more realistic than any WWE game I’ve ever played. Another big change this year has been the graphics. This is graphically speaking the best looking WWE game ever created. THQ has even gone as far as to add the realistic pyro intros to the shows in the game and has even added the actual camera angles used when you watch WWE TV. However, as you will find out more as you read more reviews from me, graphics are not all that important when it comes to me giving a review."

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