Gears Weekend – This Is My Rifle

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Epic Games has announced this weeks Gears Weekend, titled, “This Is My Rifle."

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RonaldRaygun2979d ago

"And yes, this means that unless you play wingman, you don’t have a choice but to use your rifles."

You're wrong on that part. Quoting @PeteNub (Gears dev) from twitter a few hours ago: "#GearsWeekend does not change the regular playlists. It's a playlist that has every gametype in it."

Xander7562979d ago

Finally the game will be FUN. I'm tired of playing Shotguns of War 3.

2979d ago
bluegreenman2979d ago

Gears of war was founded on the gnasher shotgun, If you do not like it, then play something else. That is like saying you hate halo 2 and 3 because the BR is the main gun of choice for hardcore players. Seriously, why are you people that know nothing of the Gears community, acting like you own it? We have been here since the beginning, and we will be here till the end. Using the Gnasher. Get over it and play a different game.

_Aarix_2979d ago

Rifles have a better range than a shotgun and cant hit yu if yure in conver. IF you let a shotgun close enouht to kill you thats yor fault. This isnt the second


Dude, just shut up,you dont know what the hell youre talking about.