General Consensus: Install Skyrim 1.2 On PC At Your Own Risk

Is it worth the risk to update Skyrim to 1.2 on Steam? User reaction seems mixed.

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DarkBlade46582971d ago

I bet a lot of PC users just go on the forums without really testing the new patches. they just see that others are having problems and add to the fire.

kevnb2971d ago

ya most people who game on pc and actually go to the forums just want to complain.

Series_IIa2971d ago

Never even had any problems with the previous patches, the same with this... But this is a huge game nobody is ever at the same stage in this game so there could be 100s of things which could conflict with one and other.

Series_IIa2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Okay, spoke too soon, played it before and was fine but now...

Mouse movement horizontal is super fast and vertical movement is painfully slow/non existent...

caboose322971d ago

Yea same here. Game runs perfectly fine fore me, but holly hell the mouse sensitivity is so screwed up now.

Damn, I may need to switch to a controller now =/

kevnb2971d ago

try deleting the ini files in the my documents/my games/skyrim folder. The game will make new ones next time you start and it should be fine.

HeavenlySnipes2971d ago

lol, doesn't it get tested before release? How can a patch break a game?

lifesanrpg2971d ago

think of all the different gaming rigs and mods out there...Bethesda can't possibly test the patch for all of them.

Also take into account how massive the game is. I'm sure they missed some things, though some of the glitches are so blatantly obvious. The Game testers should all be fired.

kevnb2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

mods maybe, but they arent coding for different hardware... just either amd or nvidia drivers. Everything else is 100% standard because of dx9. Anyone having trouble with looking up or down, disable the 360 controller... it seems you have to choose keyboard and mouse or controller now.

xruiner892971d ago

I can't look up or down anymore.

fluffydelusions2971d ago

Interesting. When I look up and down it seems it takes a moment for proper colors to show up...weird.

Gamer-Z2971d ago

All i know is that the game has been crashing on me a lot ever since i installed the 1.2 patch