Square Enix Intimidated by the Colossal Scope of a Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy VII is the most requested video game remake in history. Spin-offs have been released, discussions have been plenty, but nothing has been enough to calm the millions of fans who love one of the most well-received titles in history, but simply can’t stand the graphics anymore. Although it seems otherwise, Square Enix is fully aware of the demand, but have no plans to give in.

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ZombieAssassin3144d ago

Well we could all buy the minimum amount of stock needed to get into a meeting and demand it.

Misterhbk3144d ago

Lol corporate takeover by the fans. All just to get one game made. would be epic

darthv723144d ago

it probably wont. So much pressure now that they would be seriously criticized by everyone if it didnt live up to the games legacy. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. It will have to be MORE than just an HD remaster like other PS games.

I'd hate to think it going the duke nukem way. hype hype hype and then fizzle because our personal level of hype and interest are not met.

Its best to let it remain the classic that it is.

gamernova3144d ago

FF VII definitely deserves that kind of attention :D

Kushan3144d ago

I don't want it to happen, either. Squeenix has lost its ability to make compelling games. FFXIII and FFIX were just let downs (FFIX more so, obviously). All of the other games they've made recently (Not including Eidos, of course) haven't been up to scratch, either. I mean they're not necessarily bad, but they're not the epic RPG's we remember. There hasn't been a game like Chrono Trigger, FF7 or even FFX in a long time. Until they get that right, they can leave FF7 alone.

3144d ago
Gameplay9993143d ago

I agree Kushan, Squeenix has lost its majical flare.

Thabass3143d ago

@Kushan - You couldn't be more wrong about FFIX if you tried. Many people regard that games as the last good Final Fantasy (which I disagree with, I believe X was the last good one).

Try again.

8bit_Nes_Rambo3143d ago

More like SE lost all their key talent. Nomura is really all they have left.

Kushan3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )


My Apologies, I actually meant FFXIV. I have no idea why I said FFIX (Although I admit I didn't like that one, either, but I know lots of people did).

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princejb1343144d ago

square enix we seriously want this game
what the hell do you want us to do to prove our point
should be burn down your buildings to get our point accroos

Persistantthug3144d ago

Those who don't know, Sony has publishing rights to FINAL FANTASY 7.

Sure Square could make this game, but then, to release it in America and Europe, Sony would get their cut for that, and there's no way Square-Enix is just gonna GIVE Sony money for free, nor are they going to spend the kind of money required just to be restricted to the Japanese and Asian markets.

It can one day happen, and I hope it does, but it would take heavy negotiation....and likely would have to be for a very good reason....say for example, for a PS4 launch, or to help VITA if it needed a super system selling app.

Disccordia3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Sony do not have publishing rights to FF7 this is such a common misconception. Sony only published it because at the time Square were not big enough to do all the translating and distribution to Europe and North America.

The IP is simply Final Fantasy and not Final Fantasy VII and Square Enix have full creative control of it

Edit: Also, Sony own 10% of Square Enix

DragonKnight3143d ago

Disccordia: Sony absolutely have publishing rights to FFVII in N.A. and Europe. Sony practically saved Squaresoft by buying stocks in the company and paying for publishing. FFVII is the one game they have a great deal of leverage over. Why else do you think that not a single aspect of FFVII appears on any other console? The only way SE could make FFVII multi is in japan, and on PC's everywhere else.

I believe you're thinking of owning the IP instead of owning publishing rights. Yes, SE can technically do whatever they want to FFVII, but if they made a remake, the ONLY way they could make it multi for consoles outside of Japan would be to alter the name. See Dark Souls for an example. From Software can't make Demon's Souls 2 for the 360, so they made Dark Souls. Essentially the exact same kind of game, but a simple technicality allows for it to be multiplat with Sony being unable to say anything about it.

Snakefist303143d ago

Sony will buy square enx!!

PshycoNinja3144d ago

I second this. Lets just buy out Square Enix and TAKE OVER!!!!

Whos in?

Sony3603143d ago

They just need to remake the graphics. I don't think they get this.

Graey3143d ago

You know I would make the same game, with remastered graphics.

Or An altered game updated and what not.

iamtehpwn3143d ago

"Remaking the graphics"--that's the part of remaking the game that would be long, tedious and cumbersome, you know that right?

Sony3603142d ago


Actually there's the sound design, production, getting new voice actors..

So no, it's not just that.

StraightPath3143d ago

Let it remain the classic legend as it is.

iamtehpwn3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It's not nearly as simple as remaking the graphics. People who know nothing about game development will say "Oh just remake the graphics" Don't understand what the remaking of Final Fantasy VII would be like to do.

They're right in quite few ways, remaking Final Fantasy VII would be a massive project to undertake and isn't as simple as people would imagine. I do however, think it is very plausible to make. But what people don't understand is "making the graphics" is the longest most tedious part of game development.

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GoldenPheasant3144d ago

Its very peculiar that no one has ever suggested that this FFVII thing is just an ace up squenix's sleeve. When the shit really hits the fan after the release of Final Fantasy Versus 27 x14 -alpha beta purplemonkeydishwasher edition, and there is nothing else to do... Final Fantasy VII remake will become a reality.

They had said this before about "oh how could we ever do that, back in the day it was all pre rendered backgrounds and blah blah blah". Anyone with a grain of common sense and that has played recent games can see that they are full of shit. In fact I will refer to MY favorite FF game, XII, for PS2: that shits all rendered in 3D and has huge sprawling towns and open areas...go figure!

Done off.

DA_SHREDDER3144d ago

Even then, it won't live up to its predecessors. I don't care how open the world is or how beautiful the graphics are. Crappy story lines, boring characters, and jacked up combat is always gonna be FF's Achilles heel until they go back to their roots.

bozebo3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

They can't go back to their roots. They don't have the talent (the original staff, employees, creative people) anymore - or the correct mix of them who made such amazing games in the past. Look to Lost Odyssey if you want that, a game doesn't have to be called FF to be FF.

Dunpeal3144d ago

it's really not THAT hard when you think about it. the framework is there. it's just a matter of the level of commitment they give that project if it ever happens. it's probably more daunting because they absolutely KNOW they can't half-ass it, due to expectations, whereas they can half-ass any other of their projects because any other project is not FF7

ChickeyCantor3144d ago

Even if it's half arsed, people all over the world who loved it will eat it and enjoy it.

Dunpeal3144d ago

ur most definitely right, but a this point, throughout ALL the hoopla over this remake anything less than their full and best effort would be a giant dick slap to the face of all their fans across the world

bozebo3143d ago

"a giant d*ck slap to the face of all their fans across the world"

They have already done that a few times.

v1c1ous3144d ago

a lot of people who claim they don't want to do it just for the heck of it don't understand the scope of something like a true remake.

the amount of manpower and resources just to render everything in game up to today's standards would amount to years.

Xof3144d ago

Well, obviously. Any game built with "today's standards" takes years. Most AAA titles involve 2-3 years of development, with those that take less (or more) time typically being of significantly lesser quality.

The thing is, there is absolutely ZERO merit to the argument that a remake of a game would take MORE time than the construction of a brand new game.


Because making a game is about more than simply constucting virtual assets--it's about designing mechanics, establishing a coherent visual aesthetic, writing out a script, you know--the actual DESIGN phase.

With a new game, they have to do through the DESIGN and the CONSTRUCTION phase. With a remake, all they have to do is the CONSTRUCTION phase, with maybe a little bit of resources angled at redesigning certain elements. Fewer steps means less time, less manpower, and less money.

Oh, and what's that other big issue facing game developers these days? Advertising.

And that's one more spot where remakes demand less money and attention--the name is already out there. The hype and attention already exists, it doesn't have to be conjured up from the ether.

This is true of all potential remakes of all games, be they full-blown console remakes using entirely new game engines and mechanics, or simple restylings for handheld or digital release ala the recent Monkey Island remakes.

Anyone who seriously thinks that redrawing and re-sculpting 2D and 3D assets for FFVII and porting them for a DS/3DS/PSP/VITA/PSN release would take more time than building a similar game from scratch, or anyone who thinks it would take Square Enix longer to craft those same elements in 3D with their WHITE ENGINE than it would to create a new game is absolutely daft.

The simple, logical answer here is that square enix just does not WANT to do a remake. Probably because A) they fear the backlash (development times have stagnated tremendously over there and recent game releases have NOT been well received) and B) they can spend LESS money and take FEWER risks by re-using all of the environments and character models and sound effects and gameplay mechanics from older games in newer games.

This is the same approach Madden and Call of Duty take. Small wonder RPG "fans" aren't more bitter to see the same thing happen with XIII-2.

DragonKnight3143d ago

If you've seen the fan projects on PC that have come such a long way a lot more quickly than SE would have you believe is possible, on equipment hardly considered cutting edge, but smaller groups of people; then you would take that idea of "it's too big to do" and shove it right back down the throats of every SE employee that says it.

FFXI1013143d ago

I disagree what you said.

SE isn't a small company, I'm sure they have enough talents and resource to work on the project. Only if they can be focused and pull their $hit together and stop making the games for handhled and for Wii for a while.

Lavalamp3144d ago

Man up, problem solved.