GamePro Is Dead

GamePro, we reported exclusively back in July, shifted its strategy to become a quarterly publication. That experiment, sadly did not work too well, as we've now learned that the November quarterly issue will be the last one ever, and the GamePro website will be shuttered as well (as of December 5). An IDG spokesman told IndustryGamers that the ad dollars just weren't there, and unfortunately layoffs of staff are being implemented - the spokesman declined to tell us how many were being let go.

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EVILDEAD3603141d ago

They werent my favorite but I know I bought alot of Gamepro issues in my day.

Before Metacritic, I was always fond of how they used the 'fun factor' stars for their reviews.

It's tough enough to stay up to date as a mag these days when competing with the power of the net, but to go quarterly? Just spelled doom from the beginning.

Game informer stays alive because we all subscribe through the powercard at Gamestop.

OXM and OPM survive because they are official mags and are pricy as hell. But they include the demo disc.

Everybody else seem fend for the scraps. Some are popular from abroad.

Gamepro went the route of EGM and even after their return you have to wonder how well they are doing as well.


KillerPwned3141d ago

Wow this sucks I remember growing up with this mag they will truly be missed.

specialguest3140d ago

GamePro was my 2nd favorite magazine next to EGM. So many fond memories of gaming during those times and GamePro mag was part of it.

My memory is a little sketchy, but I think this was my first GamePro magazine (1989/1990?):

iHEARTboobs3141d ago

Why buy a magazine when all the information is online for free? It sucks but it's a sign of the times.

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specialguest3140d ago

Magazines are a dying industry, and sadly books are showing signs of heading that direction. The people who still buy books are those who grew up reading books and enjoy the physical and sentimental aspects of it.

This new generation who are growing up in a world where laptops and tablets are replacing books will view books as an archaic way of obtaining information.

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