LucasArts to Take "around 35%" of SWTOR Revenue- EA Still to Have Profit

We know that EA will not be pocketing all of the profit from SWTOR, which looks to be a very successful game but has also been quite a large investment. They will have to share with Lucas Arts, who owns rights to the Star Wars name. some have said that EA may not have much to gain in the way of profit from the deal but one analyst said there is plenty to go around.

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guitarded772977d ago

With the brand name Star Wars, there's enough for everyone to have profit... now make Star Wars Battlefront 3 before this gen ends!!!

gamingdroid2977d ago

Still, that is a lot for Lucasarts considering the insane investment EA made of $100 million so far. All the risks are with EA on this one....

negroguy2977d ago

They already got my money. Game was so much fun last weekend. Huttball is the best pvp that I can think of.

Grip2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

i think 35% is a really bad profit to LucasArts.. i mean they own the IP they Develop the game and still got 35%.. EA do nothing just make the budget for the game which 100% they will get double the money bucz anyway investment in starwars is safe.
edit: i wish if anyone who disagree with me comment on why he disagree with my comment.
edit 2: mmmm.. ok i really deserve disagree now lol. i thought they develop the game but now Bioware develop the game which its owned by EA i think its really fair deal

Are_The_MaDNess2977d ago

@"i think 35% is a really bad profit to LucasArts.. i mean they own the IP they Develop the game "

they DIDN'T develop the game, Bioware did.

rabidpancakeburglar2977d ago

Everyone is disagreeing because LucasArts are only a publisher like EA, Bioware developed it.

MAJ0R2977d ago

if I had it my way Lucas Arts would't a penny because of how terrible they have treated the Star Wars games recently. Bioware is their savior, without them they would only be making Star Wars Kinect games

guitarded772977d ago

I don't know all the details, but I think part of the problem was Darrell Rodriguez... he was running LA during the downward trend. Fans were wanting new Battlefront, KOTOR and Republic Commando games while he was focused on downloadable titles and revisiting LA's past catalog. He "resigned" a year and a half ago and the Paul Meegan took his place. Meegan said ""In recent years, LucasArts hasn't always done a good job of making games," he added. "We should be making games that define our medium, that are competitive with the best of our industry, but we're not. That has to change." when took the president position at LA. Remember, games take a long time to develop and Meegan has only been running things for a year and a half.