Death By Robots - Feature: Eight reasons to hate Skyrim

A while back, on Twitter, I described Skyrim as “a grand soul gem with a common soul in it” which, on reflection, sounds a little harsh. Unfortunately, there’s no soul size in-between “common” and “greater” and greater sounded too positive so, with that in mind, me sounding mean is entirely Bethesda’s fault…
… but mean it sounds, so I figured that it would a good idea to expand on that sentiment a little.

Before I start ranting, it’d probably be wise to point out that, really, I like Skyrim an awful lot. It’s the fact that it’s so nearly utterly brilliant that the things which annoy you, annoy you an awful lot. A bit like how when they produced amazing facial animation in L.A. Noire, the fact that a character’s tie is glued to their shirt stands out massively, even though every game with tie-wearing NPCs has ties glued to shirts.

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