Vita to Possibly Support Multiple Tiered Pricing

PixlBit | With the dawning of DLC updates, digital distribution and cheap mobile and iOS gaming experiences the long accepted concept of a fixed price structure for video games has come under fierce scrutiny. This is particularly true in the handheld sector, which is arguably starting to feel the sting of the free and $5 game apps that are muscling into territory long unchallenged.

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Misterhbk2977d ago

The games prices are tiered in Japan already, at least the digital games are so I won't be surprised to see this happen in western countries as well. Smart move on Sony's part.

nevin12977d ago

He admitted that it would be “foolish and naïve to ignore what’s happening in the smartphone market."

And sony defenders still dont think smartphones are not a threat to dedicated gaming handhelds.

Wintersun6162977d ago

Who said that smartphones are not a threat to dedicated gaming handhelds? I don't remember anyone saying that. What I remember is uninformed people who have failed to grasp the differences between a smartphone game and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, or the differences between controls via touchscreen and gyroscope and touchscreen, 2 analog sticks, 4 directional buttons, 4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, rear touch panel, sixaxis.

Of course smartphones are making a dent in handheld gamings sales, they probably already have. But that does not mean that Vita and 3DS are doomed.

Just like smartphones having 8MP cameras hasn't destroyed the sales of "true" digital cameras, (which are far superior in quality and preferred by "serious" photographers), they won't destroy the dedicated gaming handhelds either. There is a group of gamers who are not satisfied with those extremely casual time killing games that phones and tablets provide us.

Also even though smartphones and tablets are catching 3DS & Vita in hardware power, there is still a long list of reasons why 3DS & Vita can still be preferred in the eyes of a gamer.

And that is why Vita and 3DS are not doomed. No one is saying that smartphone games are not a threat, what we're saying is stop with the doom and gloom articles and comments.

nevin12977d ago

I wont say doomed but again you so called serious gamers have smartphones and you carry it around more than you do your DS/PSP/3DS.

Wintersun6162977d ago

Well duh, If I go buying groceries, would I take a Vita with me? No. If I go on a long train ride, would I take a Vita with me? Of course!

It doesn't matter which device we carry around more, what matters is which device we want to use for our gaming.

Your lack of logic makes me think you have a smartphone and carry it around more than you do your brain.