Maybe That Patch Wasn't the Answer to Skyrim Players' Woes

This week's patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was supposed to fix existing bugs, not introduce new ones. Yet that appears to be what's happened for a number of gamers who have upgraded to version 1.2, which was first released for PlayStation 3 on Monday. The patch was set to hit Xbox 360 last night and Steam this afternoon.

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Gamer-Z2979d ago

What did the patch even do!? The game still lags like crazy and crashes now.

DatNJDom812979d ago

And people consider this a game of the year competitor? It's laughable at best. If ur going to nominate the game for goty u should at least be able to play it.

omi25p2979d ago

100 hours of playing time, Not a single game breaking bug.... GOTY

Lazyeye792979d ago

It got rid of those annoying dragon skeletons that plagued the cities.

Silly Mammo2979d ago

Can people who are having lag problems for the PS3 tell us what model they have? My save file is 5.5 mb right now, so I'm getting a little worried.

Brixxer6002979d ago

I've got a 25ogb slim , save file is 9.9mb , the worst lag i get is in Whiterun , most of the time apart from that it's relatively fine . Since the patch i have had the game crash once but the new bugs are a nightmare . The lack of resistances is the worst but i've also encountered problems with companions.

TBM2979d ago

you know im quite surprised that the game got high scores with all the issues it has on all the platforms. im glad i dont give the opinions of these reviewers any weight.

kma2k2979d ago

im excited for the fact i can install the game on my 360 hdd with textures but am more & more worried about the negative of effects. I wasnt to worried about it earlier today but the more i think about it im concerned. I got skyrim day one & shelved it for two weeks hoping to patch the textures while i was playing ac:r now that the effects thing is here, maybe ill play Dead Space 2 ive had sitting on my shelf & then maybe this will be patched by then lol

swice2979d ago

Read this:

And this:

Just unplug your Ethernet before playing, and wait for a real fix before playing on XBL again, if you haven't already downloaded 1.2 yet, of course

If you want to go back to 1.1, try this: