Looking Ahead: Can 2012 Be An Even Better Year For Gaming?

GP: "I think it goes without saying, 2011 was a very good year for gaming. With AAA releases like Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Skyward Sword, and Skyrim already passed us this year you just might be thinking 'Wow, how can 2012 possibly be any better than this!?' It may seem impossible, but I've got some good news. These consoles aren't obsolete just yet and what 2012 has in store just might be better than what we've seen this year, and that's really saying something. Sit down and have a read, and prepare to be excited for the future of gaming!"

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metsgaming2981d ago

i have high hopes for twisted metal it looks like its just pure fun. Also starhawk looks like it can be good aswell. Theres something for everyone i think. Then the vita and all its games. Then the probable announcements of the true next gen consoles.

TopDudeMan2981d ago

2011 is the best year gaming has had this gen by far, I would say.

kma2k2981d ago

Sorry but no way to many GREAT games came out this year. Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, & Bioshock: Infinite while look like great games cant comepete with the masive number of great games that came out this year.

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