The Terrifying Future Of Online Pass Codes

Game Informer: Nowadays it seems like you can't start a game without first typing in a code to unlock some major component of your new purchase. Many titles use pass codes to lock away online multiplayer modes, but some games like Batman: Arkham City cut out entire playable characters and segments of the story. What's next? Join us as we dust off our crystal ball and take a shocking look into the future to see how developers will utilize these codes in your favorite series.

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thetest3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Yes! You should NOT be able to play a game without proving you own a unique CD-Key. Just like all PC games have been for years.

I don't see anyone bitching about how they can't sell their Steam games or lend them for free. It's illegal and equivalent to piracy.

If you don't have a key, you might as well pirate it.

Hicken3145d ago

PC gaming IS NOT console gaming. PC gamers are quick to remind us console-only gamers of that at every turn. So why should this similar process be applied?

There's a precedent... a history, nearly as old as console gaming itself, of gamers being able to loan their games out to friends or otherwise access a game's full content regardless of whether or not it was being used in the same system (same console, of course). Only this generation has it been possible to lock content on a disc the way it's being done. Whereas the key used in PC games is for authentication of the software, the online pass is used to restrict the usage of content.

Consider this: you buy a game that comes with an online pass, but have no online and have no intention to play online with said game. The very existence of the pass marks the online portion of the software as separate from the offline, and this notion is further strengthened by the need to pay for access if an online pass is not available. If you're only going to be playing part of the game, why should you pay for the part you aren't going to play, a part that publishers and developers are perfectly willing to charge for?

brish3145d ago

Why have cd keys when they cause problems for customers that legally purchased the game but do nothing to stop piracy?!

ZombieAssassin3145d ago

The online passes I don't really have a problem with it's things like BatmanAC where it's offline content that's locked. It's really only because what if I don't buy a game till a couple years later and new copies are hard to find (or they don't come with codes/expired codes) or many years later and maybe PSN or XBL don't even offer the content for purchase...then I don't get to play the game to it's fullest.

Mooseman7213145d ago

History is just the past.