Diablo III Opening Cinematic to be Revealed at VGA 2011

Geoff has announced today that Blizzard will be unveiling a very special cinematic opening for Diablo fans.

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Convas2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Alan Wake Project
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Bioshock Infinite
Bioware Project
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Rainbow 6: Patriots
New PS3 Exclusive
Diablo III OpCin

That's 8 World Premieres down, 5 left to fill the 13 premiere slots. Wonder what the other 5 are ...

@TheBeast: Same here man, it's like E3 part II but with more filler crap in between.

TheBeast2699d ago

I only watch the VGAs for the premiers...thats all everyone cares about I think.

TheOtherTheoG2699d ago

Kinda stating the obvious, but yes.

brish2699d ago

If you wait a few hours you will be able to watch the same premiers on youtube without having to suffer watching VGA.

C_Menz2699d ago

Guerilla Games(Killzone) and Quantic Dream(Heavy Rain) have been working on two unannounced games for quite a while also. GG started a 2nd game(new franchise) before KZ3 released, and QD has also got to be near revealing their next game.

m232699d ago

If Halo 4 isn't shown, I will be pretty disappointed. After finishing Halo:CEA and finding all the terminals, I am so hyped for Halo 4 I can't describe it.

Convas2699d ago

Me too man, me too. Spartans vs Prometheans would be one hell of a show down.

I'm really looking forward to the new Alan Wake and Sony's stuff too. Everything else except maybe Diablo III interests me as well, but Blizzard makes good cinematics, so I'm sure it will be good.

DaveMan2699d ago

Rainbow 6 Patriots won't be appearing...

So technically there's 7 spots...

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Covert_Gunman2699d ago

Looking forward to this. I'm interested to see how it will turn out.

Mister_V2699d ago

Me too. Blizzard cinematics are just top notch.

fluffydelusions2699d ago

Blizzard games are top notch all together :)

DonaldBeck2699d ago

hope they do a ps3 release

Relientk772699d ago

Can't wait for Diablo III


Muffins12232699d ago

IM still wondering what bungie's next game is :\ This would be good time to reveal it!

m232699d ago

I don't think they are ready yet to show it off considering they only just finished Reach a year ago. I think e3 will be the time to show it off.