I'm so tired of mundane game worlds and characters

Game worlds and concepts have become stale lately...developers need to explore something new.

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NagaSotuva2970d ago

I find hope in indie games.

SybaRat2970d ago

I vote up the "genies with bazookas" thing. Now THAT'S a summon.

aquamala2970d ago

what's with western devs all making fantasy games with the same kings, elves and dwarves, create your own universe and mythology please.

HardCover2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

What, you don't remember Too Human? Well, nobody else does, so I guess that's not a surprise.

SockeyBoy2970d ago

haha i actully enjoyed Too Human, I still want a number 2!

soundslike2970d ago

How did I know before clicking on this that it would somehow come back to JRPGS and the such.

Author is just butthurt that there hasn't been a good JRPG in while, I can't blame him, but honestly...

SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

that is all.

DaveMan2970d ago

Article Author obviously has't played Skyrim.

Hicken2970d ago

Skyrim, despite being a great game, is STILL part of that stereotypical Western fantasy world, which the author believes is getting stale. Hell, it's based in the same world as the rest of the Elder Scrolls games, so it can't be THAT different from the others, which contain the orcs and so forth.

I agree that the imagination is going out of gaming when it comes to worlds. But I think a lot of that has to do with just how many games there have been. It's hard to make a game in a world that someone else hasn't already made before.

mamotte2970d ago

It has ogres, elfs, swords, the world is a normal place (mountains and rivers and stuff), and some of the biggest enemies are dragons. Original, that's for sure...

-end sarcasm-