Nintendo Wants to Keep Up Black Friday Momentum

After a strong Black Friday showing, Nintendo now has to focus on maintaining the momentum for its products over the next five weeks of the crucial holiday season, the company's U.S. president told the Reuters Global Media Summit on Tuesday.

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jacksonmichael3146d ago

So then... They should announce some games, right...? Doesn't that seem logical...? Maybe, you know... Localize some games?

This is just getting ridiculous.

MasterCornholio3145d ago

Mario is all people need to buy a 3DS. This holiday season they have Mario Kart and Mario 3D land to choose from. They will sell tons of 3DS because of this.


Shackdaddy8363145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Luigi's mansion 2
Mario 3d
Mario Kart 7
Zelda SS

Plenty of great new games this holiday...

N4g_null3145d ago

Isn't it about time 3rd parties get with it? These guys are listening to retards. Clearly if they had other third party games out they could piggy back these Nintendo releases.

Yet the 3ds has some serious heat coming. Most western publications don't even report these game. Not sure why? Also you have a ton of games that have not been released locally. Zelda has some serious replay value though. We finally have a 3d Mario that requires skill also and not as much hide and seek.

It's very clear now. Nintendo will stay afloat and third parties are officially shooting themselves in the foot by acting like Nintendo will fail. Every one understood this back in the day but the hype has clouded these devs and fans. It's no wonder so many gamers are unhappy or excited about gaming and only favor certain online games.