Next Gen consoles 2012/13 confirmed? - EA listing games as Next Gen

It has become apparent that EA games are possibly putting more weight behind the rumours that Next Generation consoles will be available in 2012 or early 2013 beyond the Wii U.

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bunt-custardly3105d ago

Interesting... that's enough to put a few off trading in their old chunky whites for slimmer models no doubt.

darthv723105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

we all know it is coming. Just some are wishing it would be later rather than sooner. It's up to them (MS/Sony/Nin) not us. Consumer demand only goes so far but these companies have been planning their next endeavors since the release of the current systems.

This time around...I believe cost will be the primary focus not so much advancement in horsepower. The games will be better, that is obvious but the power to price ratio will be the biggest factor.

slayorofgods3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That is also why people aren't looking forward to the next generation.

Of course the technology is there and graphics could be improved substantially, but the cost of making games is getting high and is already too high for many developers that go the handheld, iphone, or psn/live route.

So if a new console is made and the graphics stay similar to the current generation then what is the point.

multips3fan3105d ago

if they release a console in 2012 or sooner it would be stupid our economy is still recovering and most of us are broke especially with great games still coming like starhawk,halo 4,new sony vga ip and most of us are still catching up on games to play.we should all enjoy of what we have now til guys all want next gen consoles but you guys will raise your eyebrows of the price of the machine and you really think games will stay 60$ lmao .Games are going to be more expensive to make.The machine will be around 600 to 500$again enjoy this gen because we still have great games coming sony and Microsoft should not be stupid and release it in 2012 because if they do it would be suicide

kaveti66163105d ago

Our economy doesn't hinge on the video game industry, so it doesn't matter if they release it now or in 2 years.

And since people are stupid, they will still go out and buy new products which they cannot truly afford. They have credit cards.

snipes1013105d ago

I really don't think we are in any sort of need for a new console generation right now. I think developers need to give us reasons to want better hardware than big multiplayer battles and prettier graphics because, ultimately, those aren't anything great if you ask me.

Maybe if they had an idea that could advance gaming to new heights like a new gameplay standard or mechanic that is not just something multiplayer oriented, I could see it. As it stands, however, I think the consoles that are out right now are fine.

awi59513105d ago

I may not buy a new console for a long time. 400 bucks is alot of pc part upgrades. Thats a new GPU to play games for the next 3 years. I can buy 2 200 dollar amd GPU's for crossfire since you can get great performance amd cards for cheap.

N4g_null3104d ago

New consoles are needed simply because develops spend more time tweaking code and down sizing assets rather than using them as they where created. Then we are given a glimpse of what should have been.

Hd games have had minimum performance for years. Yet hype got gamers to lower in game game play standards and even graphic fidelity. This will be the first true he gen. The prices will not be as high as many believe yet the architecture will be designed for developers trying to put forth their best visions minus the horrible hoop jumping and the empty hype some would call out right lies.

We are reaching the end of the power struggle that killed pc gaming and back to the creative game play march that defined the rise of gaming as we know it.

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SephirothX213104d ago

Why does graphics have to be upgraded? Seriously, if you want good graphics, take around you at the real world. Graphics is not the problem with games today! Go look at the negatives in reviews of every game this gen. You will see that very few mention graphics as a problem. How many negative FF XIII reviews criticised the game's graphics? The standard of graphics in games this gen has been excellent and I don't think it needs much improvement. Therefore, better graphics cards should be utilised to put more on screen at once rather than to improve texture quality. RAM needs to be increased significantly to allow developers to improve open-world games and a.i. For example in a GTA game, more RAM means more cars and npcs active at once and a better graphics card allows more to be drawn to the screen at once. Hopefully fibre optics will be more widespread by next gen which would greatly reduce online lag. To sum it up, I hope that texture quality will be only slightly improved on this gen's standards and compensated by higher frame rates and more on-screen action. NextBox and PS4 late 2013 release and E3 2012 announcement.

Brownghost3104d ago

People this gen are graphics whores

Drekken3104d ago

My TV does 1080P @ 480hz. No way a console can even come close to that.

Next gen AI does need to be improved... RAM needs to be way up there, at least 4GB minimum. But, I want all of the games to have 1080P as the standard resolution.

JsonHenry3104d ago

Why? Why would I buy a new console that doesn't have an upgrade to graphics fidelity? And an increase in graphics power typically = better things too like more realistic physics, larger open worlds, less loading times, and better flexibility for developers to play with.

solidt123104d ago

I bet the NGX for Battlefield 3 is for Wii U. I doubt they would put it on the next Playstation/Xbox 1-2 years after they just released it on this gen. Wii U is considered NGX to this gen.

Noticeably_FAT3105d ago

Well Wii U is technically next generation, no matter what ignorant people here try to say. I also think it's pretty clear the successor to the Xbox 360 is going to be released next year.
You don't cut down on exclusives the way Microsoft has without a reason. They and Nintendo both cut way back. I think Kinect will still be a big part of the next Xbox, so there shouldn't be fear from people who are buying that now that it will be obsolete, if anything it can benefit from better hardware to work off of.


Does anyone actually think people like Epic Games aren't working on Gears 4 or other projects for the next Xbox?

DaveMan3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

You also don't release a new console when your current console is reporting record gains it hasn't seen in 5 years...

edit; also regarding epic..cliff b said there stepping away from Gears and have plans to start a new ip

gamingdroid3105d ago

You do if you anticipate decline eventually. The Wii had unprecedented record sale and saw equally as fast decline.

You could argue that the Wii's market is eaten away by another competitor, but fact of the matter is that the hardcore market is tapped.

Casuals don't buy the latest and greatest, but hardcore gamers do.

Since the growth of the Xbox 360 is mostly due to casual gamers at this point evident by the strong Kinect sales and increased average selling price, it is then no surprise to me that MS will release another console soon to tap into the hardcore market once again.

The last thing MS and Sony wants is for that market to move over to the Wii U. Don't underestimate Nintendo!

Sony though is in a though place, because they are resources constrained right now. Due to the PS Vita release and the major losses of PS3. I don't see them being able to release a new console in the near future....

Noticeably_FAT3105d ago

You cant take the chance of getting beat by Nintendo again. Microsoft will need to offer something next year, they certainly wont wait for Sony to release something, that jump is what they will need again.

Microsoft has a death grip on North America and they will need to copy what the Xbox 360 did to get that grip.

What was Gears Of War Exile? We've hear People Can Fly might work on the next Gears title, but what's to say the next thing Epic works on isn't a Xbox 720 launch title based off that amazing tech demo we saw?

Also, even though the Xbox 360 is seeing top notch numbers, that console is a legacy console imho, like the PS2 was. I see them continuing to sell that console for years to come, but they are going to need new hardware and sooner rather then later.

rob60213105d ago


How is Sony 'resources constrained'? Just because they're launching Vita? You do realize Sony owns quite a number of studios that are not working on vita, more than MS has total. By that logic Microsoft could be 'resources constrained' by Kinect or Windows 8. It sounds like you think Sony has already gone the way of Sega. I'm sorry, but I don't see Sony as in such a dire situation as you do.

RememberThe3573105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@rob: Sony has stated in the past that the PSP had such a hard time because after they launched it they moved immediately on to the PS3. All companies have limited resources, and Sony is no different. They have to get PSVita off on the right foot and continue to support it before they take on something like a PS4 launch. They've said it themselves. The Vita the exactly why we wont see the PS4 in 2012 and may not see it in 2013.

And your examples of Kinect and Windows 8 make no sense. Windows has it's own division and wouldn't be a strain on the Gaming division. And Kinect was launched mid gen and didn't have a system launch immediately after. MS would not have launched Kinect in 2010 if it was releasing a new console in 2011 because, among other things, it would be a strain on their resources. SCE has to take on one big thing at a time in order to make sure they give it it's best change to succeed.

tehnoob33105d ago

the ps2 was still selling like hotcakes when the ps3 came out it was the worlds best selling console for many months to come.

kreate3105d ago


as others stated, sony is 'resource constrained' compared to Microsoft.

many gamers might think both companies are equally rich but actually Microsoft has more resources, power, and money than Sony.

u can give me all the links u want about how much the companies made this year or last, but the fact of the matter is, MS has been monopolizing in the global market since the 90's by far than Sony.

video games were bill gates big dream ever since he was a kid even before Microsoft existed.

its a hardware company vs a software company.
sony's net profit is very low compare to Microsoft's when u look at the companies as a whole.

even in the gaming department, Sony used so much money buying game studios. the cost of continual production and overhead is quite large.

compare to MS who threw money around to secure exclusive games whether its timed or not. its a one contract fee and doesnt have to worry about that particular game studio like sony does.

at the same time sony got vita and ps4, among all the other game studios under their wings they gotta worry about. Sony is in it for the games even into the far future, while MS is in it for the business.

sony is not in the position to throw money around like MS does. partially the reason why xbox is so successful this generation.

BitbyDeath3105d ago

@kreate, don't kid yourself.
The PS4 has been in development since the PS3 released (if not before).
Niether are resource constrained in terms of producing hardware. They take years to make.

Sony has already said they will release around the same time as MS (if not the same time). Likely we will see them all release end of next year or early 2013.

kreate3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


'The PS4 has been in development since the PS3 released (if not before). Niether are resource constrained in terms of producing hardware. They take years to make.'

I didnt say anything about ps4 development.
and I didnt say sony doesnt have enough resources to produce hardware.

I just said sony's resources is constrained compare to MS.

are u sure ur talking to me?

if u are, read my comment and supply a proper arguement. ur comment contains no content that is in direct conflict with what I said.

as I am short of bubbles, I wont be replying to comments that lacks substance.

gamingdroid3104d ago

People really think that Sony isn't resource constrained?

A company that has had four straight years of losses. Did you know that a 20 engineers cost you over $2.5 million dollars annually and that doesn't include overhead expenses.

Everybody is resource constrained, but a company that isn't profitable is the most resource constrained even compared to a smaller profitable company. It's obvious because you can't really hire more, but your current operations likely need the number of staff you have!

Sony is resource constrained up the wazoo and trying to cut cost to reach profitability....


***Sony is in it for the games even into the far future, while MS is in it for the business.***

Yeah, Sony is doing charity for the love of the gaming industry and don't care about profits or business while MS is the greedy evil empire.

Gotcha! :D

kreate3104d ago


aww come on man
guess u did =)

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Bob5703105d ago

People seem to forget that one of MS's biggest moneymakers is coming out next year and has already been announced for the 360. It's called Halo 4.

BitbyDeath3105d ago

I doubt MS would be dumb enough to hold back sales of a whole console over just one game.

MS won't let Sony or Nintendo get much lead time over them. All companies will release close together.

Bob5703105d ago

@BitbyDeath: Their main source of income is the games, not the console's themselves. MS would be completely retarded to overshadow their game with a new console which will more than likely be sold at a LOSS for the first year or so. You read that right, 360's costed about $700 to produce when they first came out. Look it up.

BitbyDeath3105d ago

@Bob, it'll cost them more in the long run if they release after the PS4.

gamingdroid3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I think the shift growth from the hardcore crowd to the casual crowd is indication that MS is forced to release a new console in the next 2-years.

Casual gamers don't care about the latest technology, and so the next Xbox isn't going to overshadow the Xbox 360's demographic.

A Wii U is a potential risk and a PS4 is a direct competitor.

You put it all together!

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damnyouretall3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

if they can run unreal engine 4 and not 3.5 or whatever, then it will be next gen in my book. if the wiiu cant take that next step then whats the point. im not expecting a huge leap in tech next gen considering price points. but i am expecting this to be the last gen of dedicated consoles.

Gamerita3104d ago

could this be the next gen kinect or just a hype/rumor ?

dcortz20273104d ago

No it's not. Wii U will be what the Wii should have been and what the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are. The Wii U will be a gen behind the PS4 and the Xbox 720 LOL!

sarshelyam3104d ago

@Everyone under this comment stating Sony is in a "tight place" your research. SCE is the only profitable division under the Sony umbrella, running at a fraction of the manpower every other division is.

They're profitable, and they have money...but that's not what launching hardware is about. Every company, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, always borrow to get things running with a projection that feeds investors on the idea of income. Sell at a loss in the short term, to make a gain in the long.

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DaveMan3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I'm sorry but how does this prove anything? We all know Wii-U, and the Vita are coming next year. Obviously nintendo made it clear it's going 3rd party, and EA has already shown off a new ip (that b-movie alien type game) for it.

Honestly, Microsoft would have to be plain stupid to release a new gen next year. When you have your brand sell nearly 1 million units in a matter of 24 hours means things are on the uprise. New consoles equals new risks. As the saying goes strike while the iron is hot...I wouldn't think about any new generation until late 2013 at the EARLIEST....

I know everyone wants a new gen, but when the 360 is reporting record gains...then, then,,,it just wouldn't make sense business wise

OcularVision3105d ago

"Honestly, Microsoft would have to be plain stupid to release a new gen next year. When you have your brand sell nearly 1 million units in a matter of 24 hours means things are on the uprise"

No, they should release the console sooner so that they could compete. ONE of the causes of the PS3 being last place is because they didn't release it sooner and have the network effect boast sales further. Microsoft only sold 1m in 24 hrs because it was a holiday. They only sell like 2/3 of that amount in a MONTH.

Captain Qwark 93105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

and here in the states have beating the PS3 for quite a few months now as well.

there system is selling very well still and until that slows there would be little point in releasing a new console. MS also knows that sony is not going to be releasing right away either as they had full plans to ride out the PS3 for more than 5 years. with their primary competition holding back and rising sales they would be stupid to release a new system. its in their best interest to kick back and let the 360's fan base grow steadily since that could then potentially mean more consumers for their next gen console once they get a taste of how awesome it is. also more sales of the 360 means more profit and they have a bit of making up to do since the RROD, since the new console would prob be a loss per console its just another reason to hold back on releasing new hardware.

i would bet early 2013 for a new 360 and that would be hopeful and assuming they still want a slight lead on PS4. i would expect both 720 and PS4 in fall 2013 though, seems premature to release anytime before that unless by some miracle the Wii u pounds the PS3 and 360 to the floor which is unlikely considering how long the PS2 was on sale for and holding its own when the new systems launched.

BitbyDeath3105d ago

"there would be little point in releasing a new console"

How about to compete with the PS4.
Sales may be strong now but they will need to continue their advantage by releasing something as strong if not stronger in the market to go up against it.

Venjense3104d ago

PS3s release date wasn't so much the problem as the high price tag, complete lack of games and horrible online infrastructure at launch.

PS3 was playing catch up more in the games and online department than anything else and that's why 360 kept it's lead. If 360 didn't have RROD, PS3 may have been a failed console.

gamingdroid3105d ago

I think people are missing the point of where MS growth is coming from. It's mostly casual gamers and at best a few Playstation converts.

To drive new console, you need hardcore gamer support and to get that support requires a powerful machine that again raises the price. So as you see, MS will be forced to release a new console before the Wii U gets too far ahead.

MS has a history of "not wanting" to repeat the PS2 era's mistake and there is nothing preventing MS from releasing a new console while still selling the Xbox 360 to the casual and budget minded crowd. That means there is a product for each market segment.

Win-win if you ask me!

MaxMurdoch3105d ago


almost right. holiday season 2012, so i guess you could say 2013...

Jdrm033104d ago

All those people that bought a xbox during the black friday period and for argument sake, in the last 2 years, are not going to be in line to buy the next xbox.

People need to understand that people that are barely buying a xbox 360 6 years into it's life span won't care about new hardware because they more likely then not are casual gamers.

A new console will be aimed at the core crowd that have had their console 5, 6 and by next holidays 7 years.

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Faztkiller3105d ago

Im ready for the next Playstation & xbox hopefully early 2013

etownthree3105d ago

Hoping the next gen xbox gets released for holiday 2012,
With an upgraded versión of Halo 4 that can still play Xbox 360 players versión of halo 4.

Probably not going to happen.
But I've had my 360 since launch..... And I'm ready for next gen.
All games 1080p natively, 60fps, 4xAA, and amazing graphics.

Disccordia3105d ago

Won't happen I think. If you're pushing out even better graphics then the strain on the hardware will be just as much as this gen.

iagainsti1203104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

No it will be less, components will shrink ( like they always do) in price and size while being more efficient and faster. IE in 2008 INTEL was using the 45nm process for their CPU's and they were really expensive. Currently they are using 32nm on sandybridge CPU's (BTW CPU prices are at an all time low). Next Year they are introducing 22nm which will also include new tech like 3d transistors, they will be cheaper to make and alot faster than current CPU's.

Going by the moore's Law Model you can expect Consoles to be up to 8x+ faster than current Gen.

So what this means is that hard ware will be cheaper faster and be more reliable because it is using less power and producing less heat.

Side note
smaller the manufacturing process the less power the CPU uses
Moores Law states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.

yabhero3105d ago

im not sur ei fthey want to go for the same time as wiiU or not...
wIIU is native 1080p 60fps and amazing graphics... i dont know the exact AA

iagainsti1203104d ago

will us a variety of AA like PC, XBOX, and PS3 currently do.

yabhero3104d ago

Im not sure whats with the disagreees i mean all that stuff is fact, look it up

iagainsti1203103d ago

this site will give you disagree for just about anything you learn not to care