Why the NextBox / Xbox 720 isn't Happening in 2012 or Anytime Soon

GameDynamo - "There's been a lot of buzz lately about the next generation, what with Nintendo and the Wii U in the works. Everyone's been buzzing that since Nintendo's releasing their next-gen console by 2012, everybody else should be, too. And, wouldn't you know it… rumor has it that Microsoft is, and they plan to announce this console at CES or E3 2012. "

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Queefy_B3146d ago

It will be another cheap pos for the lower society and scum.

Jocosta3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

And with a name like Queefy, I am confident you are an excellent judge of character. I have seen quite a few posts by people such as yourself that make sweeping generalizations about the Xbox demographic, need I say how stupid you make yourselves look? At the same time you make the Ps3 crowd out to be these elegant, socially and intellectually refined gamers, sitting in their wing back chair with a cigar, sipping from a glass of cognac. Its dysfunctional to draw these conclusions simply by what someones console of choice happens to be.

Captain Qwark 93146d ago

so if i have a 360, ps3 and wii and have intentions of getting all three next gen consoles too, does that make me only half scum and only a little lower in society?

here i was this whole time thinking having any console kinda just made me a gamer and having all three kinda made me a slightly more hardcore gamer :/ my bad

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BuffMordecai3146d ago

Oh its happening, no later that 2013.

gamingdroid3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

The article losses all credibility when it says stuff like this:

"I don't deny that they might be working on one - it always pays to be prepared, but as far as the Xbox 720 coming to us any time before 2015? I think not."

The Xbox 360 was in development prior to the original Xbox release and MS where already a year behind the development of the PS3.

The next Xbox is most definitely in development. The question is just, what are their plan? When, what and price?

The author is clueless so let's keep the riff raff "as much as possible" out of, but down voting the site.

lategamer3146d ago

They also say Halo 4 is coming out in 2014. It's actually coming out Winter 2012.

KMCROC543146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Saying a new Xbox won't happen anytime soon , is like Bobby kotick at activision saying that COD will not be made for two years or he does not like money.

ForROME3146d ago

2012 - HALO 4 Xbox 360
(will not launch Key title with a new* system)

2013 - E3 Xbox Announcement

2014 - Holiday Launch with Halo 5 to bring the hardcore over at launch to create initial install base

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