How to Cope with Skyrim Addiction

GR: It all started as a little harmless dragon slaying, but now, It's affecting all aspects of my life, especially my health.

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doctorstrange2974d ago

I need help with this too, I find it very hard to tear myself away.

insertcoin2974d ago

Just because I see blue mountain flowers and blue butterflies in real life doesn't mean I'm sick. It means I can make Damage Magicka Regen potions.

Queefy_B2974d ago

Who wants to come larping?

bobrea2974d ago

How about have some self-control. It's not that hard to stop playing a video game. I have a lot of hours logged, but I don't play unless my real life shit is taken care of. It's not that hard.

Nailbunny402974d ago

I had this same problem trying to tear myself away from this game until i found the thume to do it. shit was tough.

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