Konami changes contents of Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition

Konami has altered the contents included with the Ultimate Edition of its upcoming Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

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PirateThom2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Slight correction, it's no longer PS3 exclusive and is now listed for 360 as well....

Honestly, while the additional contents are a lot better now, it's a shame they lifted the download code and MGS4 out (probably because of the 360 version) because it would have been a great way to get all the main, Kojima directed, games in the series in one pack.

I also no longer think it's going to be as limited as the original version, sadly.

gamingdroid2978d ago

The PS3 version of MGS HD Collection in the US includes MSG1 download via PSN and the Xbox 360 version does not, is that because of the Xbox 360 too?

It's definitely MS fault! [email protected] you!!! /s

PirateThom2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Eh.... where did I say it was Microsoft's fault? I was just speculating that's maybe the reasoning because they've changed the whole package and made it multiplatform and probably didn't want to include two extra games in one version...

Wow, you people are getting more insane by the day, I swear.

LOGICWINS2978d ago

"Wow, you people are getting more insane by the day, I swear."

Pirate Thom...what do you mean "you people"?

radphil2978d ago

I had a feeling someone was going to link that movie. :p

MasterCornholio2978d ago

That's because Kojima expects Microsoft to pay for it.

Lol just kidding.


InactiveUser2978d ago

So the Ultimate Edition is no longer the Ultimate Edition basically, but still at the Ultimate Edition price. Go for it if you're into the t-shirt and art book, don't want MGS1, and want an ugly yellow MGS4 Platinum Hits edition.

Brownghost2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

No ones forcing you to buy it

DatNJDom812978d ago Show
lashes2ashes2978d ago

i have the mgs hd collection on ps3 and it does not come with metal gear solid 1

DarkBlood2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

what you do you mean its included i never got any voucher in the my HD collection game

unless im missing something here?

damn i didnt see lashes2ashes comment there lol

seinfan2978d ago

The Japanese version includes MGS1 without Peacewalker. The US has Peacewalker, but no MGS1.

Christopher2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )


US version does not include a download via PSN of MGS1...

gamingdroid2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

My apologies, I thought the US version also included it, but it turns out it was only the Japanese version. Obviously it was also intended on the limited European release.

My point still holds, there is different content on different platform versions. Lack of promised content doesn't mean the other caused it. That's speculation at best.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2978d ago

I think its a much better deal tbh

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ionicmoose2978d ago

Urgh, gonna cancel this now. Having all the MGS games in one nice case (plus the MGS download) was worth the extra cash over the normal HD collection. This, not so much.

Omar1st2978d ago

I got an Email from Zavvi today and as I ordered the MGS Ultimate HD collection which was limited to 4000 units and exclusive to the PS3, they will ship out MGS4 along with it. Ive queried about shipping me a voucher code for MGS1 too as it was advertised when I placed the order. It dont really bother me if they turn around and say thay cant, but it'd be nice if they do. All in all, I think this updated collection of contents is better.

The old contents of the Ultimate HD Collection
•MGS HD Collection
•Metal Gear Solid 4
•Metal Gear Solid 1 (PSN Voucher Code)
•5 Art Cards
All exclusively in a steelbook case.

The new collection for those who pre-oredered before.

•Metal Gear Solid HD Game
•Variant Metal Gear Solid Steel Book
•Exclusive Metal Gear Solid T-Shirt
•Exclusive 250 Page Premium Art Book showcasing the Artwork of Yoshi Shinkawa
•Metal Gear Solid 4
(hopefully, if they are generous and im lucky a psn voucher code for MGS1)
All in exclusive steelbook casing.

I'd prefer the artbook than the 5 cards any day!

InactiveUser2978d ago

"•Metal Gear Solid 4" yellow Platinum Hits box art.

Omar1st2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Lol yeah but it dont really matter. I bought MGS4 on launch so its cool. But I feel you, hate those platinum box art's.

torchic2978d ago

soooo ugly :(

please Sony, stop with those hideous yellow/silver casings...

RustInPeace2977d ago

Did I miss something? Weren't the PS3 G.Hits in red boxes? When did this change (or at the very least why is this the ONLY game I've heard of being put in a yellow case?)

InactiveUser2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Zavvi is a UK/Euro site.. it's called "Platinum Range" there instead of "Greatest Hits" and they're an ugly yellow, compared to the still not so great red ones we have here in the US.

Some info on Platinum Range:

An example of what MGS4 will look like in this collection:

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Whitefox7892978d ago

I can't believe these guys its Yoji Shinkawa not Yoshi!

Omar1st2978d ago

Lol haha yeah. I just copy and pasted from Zavvi :P

stu8882978d ago

did they say there's still only 4000 copies. and will the case be numbered? that's why I bought it for god's sake.

FAGOL2978d ago

Well it is still sold out. I think if there was more than 4000 then you would be able to buy it now.

Anyway I bought it for the same reason. I hope they don't screw us over.

NBT912978d ago

When you listed it as "Metal Gear Solid HD Game" I almost thought you meant the original MGS in HD.

But that does look like a much nicer set, I mean if you really want to get MGS, you can download it off the store anyway and it costs very little if you can afford the ultimate edition anyway. The artbook is actually an exclusive thing, I would rather have that over the original MGS in itself.

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