The One Time I Didn't Like Skyrim

Default Prime writer Kyree Leary has been playing Skyrim (like the rest of the country). He loves it, but there was this one time involving a temple, a sword, a Necromancer and an Ice Spell...

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OcelotRigz2977d ago

Theres one thing this guy said that really sums up Skyrim for me:

"’s a Grand Master when it comes to distracting you and does everything in its power to keep you from getting to your objective. Walk outside any city for 20 minutes and you’ll encounter caves, bandits, wolves, a dragon, a word of power, and 15 side quests that take an Excel document and a calendar to keep track of."

Thats why i love this game. One of very few games thats well worth its price tag, its actually very cheap considering the content and potential gaming time you will spend with it.