Feed The Gamer Review: Skyrim (PC)

It’s difficult to review a game which grabs your attention so thoroughly that you spend two weeks playing it obsessively every waking hour whilst justifying it to friends and family as ‘reviewing.’
No one believes you.
The upside of doing this is that after many, many hours you finally reach a saturation point and you know the game very, very well.

Skyrim is that rarest of games that qualifies instantly as a classic; a masterpiece of graphics, audio and immersion that has seized the attention of millions of gamers internationally without any controversy and with very few bugs.

Skyrim, for those ten people newly on the net who haven’t yet encountered it, is a huge single player, sandbox fantasy RPG with several major quest lines.
The game boasts around 400 hours of game-play in scripted quests and missions and many more hours with an inbuilt quest generator working through several npc’s.

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DonaldBeck3146d ago

i give it a 9.5 because it freezes my console and i have to restart it all of the time.

aquamala3146d ago

but this is a review for the PC version so it's still a 10, lol.