Bowling: "Several Updates in the Works" for MW3

Robert Bowling, the community manager for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has tweeted today to lighten up the mood of current Call of Duty players.

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Covert_Gunman2970d ago

Nice to see that he's updating the community on updates. I'm looking forward to these changes.

TheBeast2970d ago

I just hope the lag will be fixed.

Criminal2970d ago

Yeah lag should be their number one concern.

PshycoNinja2970d ago

Not so much lag as the broken spawn system. I had a guy literally spawn right behind me three times in Mission the other day. It made me so upset.

Fix the spawn system first than work on the lag issues. Rather fix both at the same time. Its the two biggest issues ATM.

SnakeCQC2969d ago

take a page out of dices book and give us a massive patch that fixes as much as possible

jdubdoubleu2969d ago

I still haven't heard anything about fixing the respawns in free for all. I mean come on!! Isn't respawning next to a bouncy betty bad enough?!

iMpuTeD2969d ago

Recoil whats bowling talkin bout? anyone know?