Is Monster Hunter 3G Coming to the PlayStation Vita?

PSLS: Some new evidence could prove that Monster Hunter 3G isn’t off the table for the PlayStation Vita.

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doctorstrange2970d ago

Monster Hunter was insanely big on the PSP in Japan.

ronin4life2969d ago

No, you have it backwards.
Psp was insanely big on the monster hunter in Japan.

stormeagle62969d ago

Don't see why there's disagree votes on this when it's the truth.

smashcrashbash2970d ago

Yawn. Are we still going on about this? Either the VITA will get this MH or another MH made for the VITA and it will probably have the online capabilities the 3DS lacks with twin joysticks to boot. Does anyone really think that the PSP's strongest game will be left off the VITA?

Lifewish2970d ago

It won't be left off the Vita, but until some kind of official announcement you never know.

Hicken2970d ago

Agreed. Whether it's 3G or some other title, I can't see there NOT being a Monster Hunter on the Vita. The system itself is already in high demand, so the potential fanbase is just waiting to be tapped.

MasterCornholio2970d ago

I agree as well that it will probably be a new game designed to take advantage of the vitas superior hardware and online capabilities.


insertcoin2970d ago

Monster Hunter is going to sell heaps, no matter when it arrives on the Vita.

user8586212970d ago

Did tri ever come to the ps3? no? then what are the chances lol

Christopher2970d ago

Multiple Monster Hunter games are on the PSP, though...

So... yeah, chances are pretty good.

ronin4life2969d ago

Some of it ended up on the psp... which then made it to the ps3.
And then all of it ended up on 3ds.
3g is 3ds. Maybe another mh will appear on vita, but seeing as how one could just by portable 3rd for vita anyway and 3g launches in less than 2 weeks, I don't think it'll be on vita.

hkgamer2969d ago

haven't played any monster hunter games properly yet but definitely will purchase whatever MH game released on the Vita.

Is 3G a port of the wii version? why wouldnt they just port that to the Vita and PS3 version instead of porting portable 3rd? was portable 3rd a better game? or is portable 3rd going to be multiplayer cross platform with all 3 playstation systems?

ronin4life2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Tri g is a port of the wii version, but it contains most, if not all, of the monsters in portable 3rd plus more, and all of the weapons.
Basically, the swimming and story/village from the wii version, which were not in portable 3rd(portable 3rd had the same levels as tri without the underwater areas and at least one exclusive and a different village. It also had different monsters and weapons missing from tri.)
I don't know about cross platform play(I would think not, but I really don't know.), but the vita can download psp games off psn, And in Japan they made an hd ps3 version of p3rd.
Portable 3rd was Japan only and may stay that way, but from what I've heard in discussion online many dislike the missing content from tri and thus perfer portable 3rd.
I have Freedom unite (the latest psp mh in the usa) and tri, and enjoy them both.
Many think tri is a good starting point for entry because of its comparative simplicity.

SandWitch2970d ago

Sure it is. Unless Camcom are out of their minds.

Silver_Faux2969d ago

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case....Otherwise you would already see Monster Hunter on the Ps3 at least and also Lost Planet 2 would have been a

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The story is too old to be commented.