10 Manga that Deserve a Good Game: (Part 2 of 2)

Trendy Gamers: Yesterday, we looked at part 1 and today we have come to the end of my list of the Manga that deserve a good video game. This time we bring you Cyberpunk epics, great mysteries, and fantasies fantastically realized. Here is part two of which Manga deserve a good video game.

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ScytheX32978d ago

a kenshin game would be SICK, maybe done with cell shading.

mayberry2978d ago

Ninja scroll with the seven devils of kamone!

iWishTifaWasReal2978d ago

Advent Children - c'mon the cutscenes and Soundtracks are already available. Just put an RPG battle system. AND THEY ARE DONE.

i would also include:

-Hunter X Hunter (not RPG, just be like Uncharted but with crazy unrealistic powers)
-Angel Beats (story is compelling so that would be a good for an RPG game)
-Black★Rock Shooter (or is there already a game?)
-Eureka 7 (mecha Adventure game)
-School Days (the ending would be just funny :D)
-Seikon no Qwaser (sucking breasts give you powers im not kidding thats the concept of the anime lol)

and yes a Sumarai X (Kenshin) would be an AWESOME game.

iWishTifaWasReal2978d ago

oh sh*t totally forgot its Manga not anime :/