The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming

Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers writes: "Game developers play with your heart. They inspire greed and envy. They toy with your emotions and every holiday season gamers find themselves at the mercy of dozens (or in the case of this year, tons) of new games that drain our wallets and sometimes fall flat of our expectations. In the past month alone we’ve seen Skyrim get glitchy and EA break promises, and this quarter we’ve seen a slew of sequels to long-running franchises that tout additional DLC and the recycling of renders and systems."

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JoelT3139d ago

"Pride" by far is my favorite. Especially the people that are pointed out as guilty for it.

LOGICWINS3139d ago

Fantastic article guys.

JohnColaw3139d ago

Interesting to see some of the names that made it onto multiple lists.

spacedelete3139d ago

fanboys. they ruin gaming and make you feel bad for owning or enjoying either a console or game.

Bags_BuzzFocus3139d ago

are you saying that fanboys are a deadly sin?

I_am_Batman3139d ago

Now I agree on most of these. Especially on this one "Anything less than a 9/10 constitutes a bad score". That's the reason why big publishers buy reviews and gamers are disappointed about the games being overrated and great games getting overlooked because they "only" got 8/10 score.

The HD re-releases are great for gamers like me that skipped a whole generation (psone to ps3) or have just started with this gen.

Bags_BuzzFocus3139d ago

I agree with that. though i think readers should understand that sometimes (or often) 7s are still good. but the general review reader who plays 5 games a year will only check out the 9s.

LettingGo3139d ago

Whoa whoa whoa...

The Shadow of the Colossus/Ico Collection was TOTALLY justified. Other than practically remaking the game, they added trophy support for both games, the best 3D available on ANY system, and fixed many problems both games had.

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