Skyrim Sidequest – In My Time of Need

In addition to the 20 main quests that you have to do in order to finish the game, there are 23 additional sidequests you can undertake if you wish to learn more about Skyrim’s lore.

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Dovahkiin2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Fun quest.

*very minor spoilers*

The two Alik'r guys wouldn't leave my Whiterun so I was forced to remove them myself.

MsclMexican2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

F**K her... she pulled a dagger on me. I attack her, and then all of whiterun is on my ass.

I got out of Whiterun... but she is going to die... Im telling those assassins

DonMingos2975d ago

I went the 3rd route, first i did what she asked a went after the alik'r, next i agreed with the alik'r and take the girl to the stables, but just before she arrives there i thougth to myself that i couldn't do that to the poor girl, so i went from behind the alik'r guy and killed him...

TacoTaru2975d ago

I wanted to help her but when I got to the cave and listened to the guys that were after her I remembered just how rude she was to me and decided there was no reason for me to risk my life for someone as nasty and demanding as her.

MagicAccent2975d ago

What the hell?

There are only 23 sidequests? Is that a typo?

TheDivine2975d ago

No 23 that add to the main game probably. Theres also the mage college (8-10 quests maybe), thieves guild (10+), dark brotherhood (10+), companion quests, deadra quests (15 i think), 20 main quests, the civil war quests, bards college quests, and infinite sidequests for people. Ive done prob 40 quests and am just getting into the thieves guild, dark brotherhood, and havnt even started the bards, civil war, or companions quest lines. Def hundreds hours of questing.

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