December and January XBLA games revealed

In a press release announcing the Fall Update's Xbox Live Arcade Hits program, Microsoft also announced the next few months' upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games that are scheduled for release. As things stand right now, the next XBLA games to get released are Arkadian Warriors, Brain Challenge, GripShift, N+, Omega Five, Poker Smash, Rez HD and Sensible World of Soccer. No specific release schedule for each game has been confirmed just yet, but it's always nice to see what's headed down the old XBLA pipeline. And this list also lets us officially get excited for N+ and Rez HD.

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v1c1ous4637d ago


online co-op is gonna be the shizzle.

i mean sure most people won't get past the first stage but


iceice1234637d ago

Damn it. Rare won't because it is too hard for todays gamers, lame. Still no interesting arcade games for me except for Marathon/bomberman.

EZCheez4637d ago

Did you ever play the Battletoads/ Double Dragon game on the SNES? I NEVER finished that game. I still have nightmares about some of those levels where you had to jump these green walls with the Battletoads on those hoverbikes.

Man, memories. Harsh, harsh memories.

Zhuk4637d ago

Only Xbox 360 provides gamers with the highest quality arcade titles with updated graphics, leaderboards, online gameplay and features at great value for money.

I for one am looking forward to playing Omega Five and Rez HD and I cannot wait to play Ikaruga in HD thanks to the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. It truly is a great time to be a gamer

iceice1234637d ago

Why did he get a disagree? Is someone thinking PSN does better perhaps? That's a silly thing to think :)

Zhuk4637d ago

it's because the fandroids don't know any better Icewake. It is like someone from a third world country truly believing they live better than the rest of the world when in reality they live in squalor.

PSN is undoubtedly the third world of online gaming.

gogators4637d ago

I keep waiting and waiting for release info, and yet it never seems to be seeing the light of day anymore. Never heard of N+. I would like to see something like Herzog Zwei maybe someday.

Bnet3434637d ago

and yes that game looks really fun. just be patient