Users Not Impressed With Latest PS3 System Software Update 4.0

PlayStation 3 system software update 4.0 leaves many fans disappointed and wanting more.

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DarkBlade46582980d ago

I would've liked to see more, but unlike many of these impatient users, I understand this update was implemented more for the PS Vita.

Many are upset this is THE 4.0 update, but really it's just a number...

PshycoNinja2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Exactly. It's just another firmware. I dont get why people are getting so upset over it. I plan on getting a Vita soon and this update helps with that interconnectivity between PS3 and PSVita.

Edit: I get that, I really do. There are a lot of things that I would have liked to have seen implemented in Firmware 4.0. But that didn't happen. So I don't see why we should get upset over something so petty as "oh 4.0! It should have been a better update!".

Edit 2: You do know that you can put in your status "Not avalible" or you can just log off if you really dont want your friends to see you online. I dont understand why that is a big issue.

Washington-Capitals2980d ago

They could have added a simple feature that many people have been asking for a LONG time and thats the ability to appear online/offline to friends.

TOO PAWNED2980d ago Show
Jobesy2980d ago

Well, I expected the whining tbh. What do you expect from a generation thats programmed to rush out and pay $400 everytime a new iphone comes out. It's that adhd mindset that makes them feel every update had to be mindblowing or gamechanging.

CloseSecond2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Wow, to get called a fanboy cause you think 4.0 was disappointing.

I'll bet the majority of PS3 owners will not get anything from the latest update as they have no interest in the Vita. Furthermore, look at all the bull$hit stories that have been hyping people up over the past few months talking about what 4.0 might be.

I knew 4.0 would amount to nothing as it directly follows the pattern Sony used for the PSP. Look at the updates for the PSP over the past couple of years they have been crap. Obviously Sony was redirecting all the cool new stuff at yhe Vita. I'm guessing its merely a "lights on" approach for the PS3 now as they are saving the big changes for the PS4.

SilentNegotiator2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

X.0 does NOT have to be a super deluxe firmware. As someone mentioned, trophies were added midway in 2.X.

And support for a brand new system is pretty important. And yes, it has to be universal; a lot of people import, you know.

And the last I checked, we're still not paying for this stuff. So I really don't know why we expect to get all of the Xbox's non-gaming features.

Why would a "PS3 fanboy" be COMPLAINING about something on the ps3? Are you sure you know what the term "fanboy" means??

RememberThe3572980d ago

Too Pawned does have a point that few of you seem to be willing to see. It's a firmware update and people are complaining about it. How pathetic is that? Sony has freely updated the PS3 countless times and now that your not getting anymore free features your going to start complaining? Some of you need to grow up.

theaceh2980d ago

At least my PS3 has been updated more times than my Master System and Genesis ever did.

demetre722980d ago

Because it useless pointless Features that we don't need , If people want to bitch there entitled to it that why we have opinion douche !!!

Sony aren't bothering with Ps3 anymore , were are the things that were said that were going be added fuckin no where exactly !!!

The person in charge of Updates is useless and should be sacked , what the hell should I support a douche company that doesn't give a rats ass about the people who supported them for years (since day one of the psone days )

Ty Sony for another useless Update

Army_of_Darkness2979d ago

I swear, these users bitch n cry like chicks on the rag like as if this update [email protected] up and effects their gaming or something?!

sikbeta2979d ago

Let me guess guys... Cross Game Chat? Console is 5 years old, updates do less and less eveytime, doesn't help that Sony keeps going with Security updates that take over the possibility of bring new features, I don't think they'll add something new at this point...

theaceh2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

People whining over this should watch this:


jeseth2979d ago

People are so rediculous.

It was a firmware update for the Vita which is about to launch in Japan.

Why does it have to be more than that? What were you expecting (X-Game Chat ISN'T COMING THIS GEN for PS3)?

WHO CARES that it was only for Vita? Shut up and play games. If a firmware update is your biggest gripe lately then I'd say things are pretty good. Shut up.

orange-skittle2979d ago

People are upset because XBL implements big changes with their updates to the interface while SONY just takes baby steps when there's so much more it needs to do to compete. Even PLUS isn't equal to LIVE for the same money a year.

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fluffydelusions2980d ago

Well in the tech industry whole number changes such as this usually dictate a significant change/version while the minor e.g. 4.xx would mean something not so big. This really should have been a 3.xx version IMO.

Jdoki2980d ago

Some would argue the addition of Vita support / connectivity is a major feature.

Vita is the biggest launch since the PS3 itself. The amount of additional functionality and code that needed to go in to the new firmware is probably extensive.

Seems like a good candidate to 'start a new chapter' in the PS3 firmware.

But ultimately, it's just a number, and just a firmware update.

NeoBasch2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Honestly, this is just stupid. I don't understand how anybody could get angry over these updates. You do know, online is completely free. Sony doesn't owe you anything. When you payed for the PS3 you didn't pay for cross-game chat or a better OS. This is what you get. Would it be nice? Sure. But don't expect it. I almost forgot we even had a 3.0. o_O

RememberThe3572980d ago

I'm more pissed about this huge BF3 update. This shit is taking forever!

dgonza402980d ago

yeah.. it makes those gamers sound a bit spoiled.

Karlnag32979d ago

I used to get angry about updates like these, then I took an arrow to the knee...

FragGen2980d ago

As someone who has preordered a Vita, I am pretty darned happy about it! :)

r1sh122980d ago

I sort of understand why people are upset...
There are fairly regular updates on the PS3 and it seems that the majority dont add many or any features. Yes this update is for the Vita but some other features would probably have been nice.
But...At the same time, its pointless because the majority of the functionality on the ps3 is fine so maybe its already doing what it needs to...right?

gamingdroid2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

For the most part, I never really notice any new features, because they tend to be useless stupid little features on every update.

The latest one has "awesome warnings"! /s

To me, the last major feature I cared about was Trophy support. Pretty much since then, the frequent updates are more of an annoyance especially when Sony saw fit to remove OtherOS. A feature I paid for! X(

DragonKnight2979d ago

@gamingdroid: again, that you have 7 bubbles and can say such troll B.S. proves this site is massively broken.

kikizoo2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Exactly darkblade, people are really dumb, and always complaining for nothing, everybody knows since 2.0 that sony bring cool stuff no matter the number is, and some less usefull ones , no matter the number stop being donkeys guys, i'm sure you don't even know all the stuff your ps3 can do...(by the way, only cross game chat and one or two other sthings are missing, it's nothing to cry about)

i don't even talk about competition (less functionalities, not free, etc), but do you prefer only one or two big updates each year, or more little ones, with more things ! (i choose the second option)

Thatguy-3102980d ago

Like always people are going to think its ok of the lack of features that come out of these firmware....What gets me mad is that we haven't really seen real features that benefit or make our online experience better. I'm sticking with Sony but C'mon treat us with new things !!!!!

Dee_912980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


Krew_922980d ago

I don't think the main reason why people are mad is the update itself, yes it doesn't help that the update was lackluster.

However, I think that the hate towards this update is the fact that the PS Vita is not even coming out to the majority of the PlayStation 3 owners anytime soon. People are only hateful because they can't use the feature they were given, until about 4 months later.

If Sony would have released the PS Vita in the U.S, Japan, and Europe in December everyone would have been rejoicing that this update was indeed useful.

However, since Sony failed to release the PS Vita at the same time. Now only the Japanese, and the very few people who spent ridiculous amounts of money importing are happy with the update.

andibandit2979d ago

This is nothing, the next 4 updates will problably be vita related. Dont expect anything, that way you can only be pleasently surprised.

StraightPath2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

The worst update ever. The health warning it just awful. Xbox destroys PSN and XMB.

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TheSanchezDavid2980d ago

I stopped getting frustrated with PS3 updates when I told myself they were just a part of owning a PS3. Sure, it could have been optional given the Vita isn't out in North America yet, but it isn't, so no big deal. Impressive? No. Worth getting infuriated over? Nah.

DemonStration2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

The worst is when you only play PS3 every once in a while and then it's this huge undertaking to get it updated. The Xbox dashboard might be sloppy but damn if it doesn't get you into the games quick, updates or not.

sarshelyam2980d ago

Huge undertaking? I connected, downloaded, and installed this latest firmware update in less than a couple minutes. Man, you really must be spreading yourself thin if that falls into the "huge undertaking" category.

Jdoki2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I know where DemonStration is coming from. Firmware may not be a massive issue (although they can be a bit slow to download for some reason).

But taking a break from PS3 can often mean having to sit through a lot of patches if you haven't played a game for a while.

It's one of the reasons I went for PSNPlus, so that updates would be downloaded overnight - however even that isn't perfect as it only downloads patches for recently played games.

InTheLab2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

PSN+ is your friend. Free games, discounts, and you'll never miss any gaming time thanks to updates...or even trophy syncing, which is infinitely more annoying than updates.

edit: @ Jdoki

I haven't played GT5 in months and it updated. Perhaps it has something to do with the last few games you've played. The last 5 games I played over the course of 3 months is Batman AC, UC3, Resistance 3, and GT5.

cervantes992980d ago

Oh yeah it was a huge undertaking - took about 3 minutes tops to update.

Quit being a drama queen!

gamingdroid2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I'm no stranger to paying for services (as I don't mind paying for Xbox Live, yes blasphemous), but I looked at the history of PS+ games and there is at most 1-2 that I might want, but likely will never play. I ain't paying $40 for that.

CloudSaves is nice, auto-trophy *batch job* syncing (chuckle) is nice, and auto-updates too, but not enough. Heck it wasn't enough to get me to pay for it when Target had a price mistake and sold annual membership for $15.

So the way I see it, PSN is free. Take it with the warts and all!

I'm almost certain someone will ask me why I'm willing to pay for XBL and not PSN?

XBL gave me ESPN (free), updates to the dash, party system, cross game chat and beacons. Features I use all the time, and is now "essential" to my gaming. I also love that MS is pushing new features consistently. They were first with Netflix and now they are pushing LiveTV/DVR.

Is it pricey? Heck yeah! I get my memberships for around $30/annually on sale though.

What I hate the most is that it is hard for my family members to share and I refuse to pay for family pack.

So I take XBL with it's warts too!

TBM2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

hmm after i finished playing GT5 i figured i see if it was available. it downloaded for me in less than 2 minutes, was no huge undertaking for me. actually none of a the updates are huge undertakings as i have a pretty good connection.

all this generation has become known for is stupid fanboys, and whiny a$$ gamers who think they are entitled to everything in this world.

as an owner of the console i have nothing to be disappointed in as there's more important things to worry about. same as i dont care about updates for my 360.

Dee_912980d ago

@TBM "all this generation has become known for is stupid fanboys, and whiny a$$ gamers who think they are entitled to everything in this world. "

And retarded sites to make everything seem worst than what it is and or add fuel to the flame.

humbleopinion2980d ago

You really didn't care about the big Xbox UI overhaul a few years back!?
We had the blade dashboard before that which was pretty neat, but as more and more games came out it became cluttered and really hard to navigate. The new interface was a bless, and the numerous tweaks added over the years (content streaming, divx suppport, installing games to the HD etc) were a great touch.

Obviously this article is trolling and there's no point being "dissapointed", but one should always be happy if a new improved interface with additional good features comes out.

TBM2979d ago


you are 100% absolutely correct in your statement about the dumba$$ gaming media also fueling this idiotic fanboy war.

no i really dont care about updates to none of my consoles because for me the games is what matters. as long as i get to play good/great games on my consoles, and using netflix on my ps3 i dont worry about all the other stuff that comes with the systems.

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lifesanrpg2980d ago

With the PS Vita launch date less than a month away I'm really not surprised that this update focused on that.

And if you plan on getting one, this update really helped you.

But I can definitely understand why ps3 users who don't plan on getting the vita are disappointed with lack of new features.

WhiteLightning2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


It's no big deal, we've had big updates without the ".0" mark

With Vita fastly approaching, I wasn't expecting anything with the 4.0 update, I knew it would be Vita related.

Fishy Fingers2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Isn't that the case with every firmware.

Obviously once the coming firmware is announced and you get 'rumours' claiming everything you could ever want in an update doesn't help anything. The PS OS is shoddy at best, it's a poor point of the console IMO, but as I just fire up a game and play, it's no big deal. Hopefully they have some forsight next time, Vita OS is already better, so promising signs.