'Star Wars: The Old Republic To Convert 500,000 World Of Warcraft Players' - Pachter

NowGamer has spoken to Michael Pachter about the impact Star Wars The Old Republic will have on WoW, and he has given them some interesting stats. Take with a grain of salt.

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Feckles2976d ago

Somebody's going to make a whole lot of money.

fastrez2976d ago

SWTOR is looking good. It's some solace after the last Star Wars MMO that's for sure.

blacktiger2976d ago

where was he all this time?

Saryk2976d ago

SWTOR will gain 10% of Wow population and 30-40% of everyone elses, plus a shit load of new comers. From what I played of SWTOR beta, i won't buy a game all next year.

InTheLab2976d ago

WoW will convert 500k users to SWToR. The small decline in
WoW's numbers is on Blizzard. Pandas or god damn light saber wielding Jedis...easy choice and I don't even like Star Wars.

admiralthrawn872975d ago

that was a stupid ass comment. as if panda's are the only race in the game now. give it up.

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