Battlefield 3 Patch 1.02: New IRNV Scope Still Too Strong

DICE shows some gameplay footage from Patch 1.02 for Battlefield 3's IRNV scope. From what PC Games can tell, the changes are too weak. The IRNV is still too strong. What do you think?

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Hagaf222977d ago

Still to strong?!!?! The irnv is useless now. It's a smoke cloud constantly in front of you... I'll use an acog and see things clearly.

Hanif-8762977d ago

I don't use it anymore you can see everything better without it really. Hence, they pretty much made it useless now. Also, judging from the title this guy must not be playing the same game.

-Alpha2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I disagree, they nerfed it perfectly from what I have seen, in fact, perhaps a bit too much.

Love that people can't use it to crutch all their kills, it made things tooo easy imo

I think there were better solutions though:

-Making it an equipment for the Recon class: Binoculars for them to spot and mark enemies
-It should take up all three modification slots (meaning you can't camp with a silenced IRNV scope)

Avernus2977d ago I just love the camper in the dark corner or in a building hiding in the shadows, plus it was the only thing to dim the effect of the stupid tac light bloom effect.

WAAAAAA WAAAAAA...that's all I hear in the BF forums. Crying for every little thing to get nerfed.

Avernus2977d ago

Wow the amount of cry babies now. Nerf this and that. The IRNV is shit now. It works better in the day than in dark places would you believe. It's foggy and does not show people's heads. So you have people head glitching and can't see it.

Give campers the advantage now. Thanks DICE for listening to all the babies, and not addressing the input lag, and VOIP problems.

-Alpha2977d ago

As much as people say it's an anti-camping tool, it also was a great camping tool.

The simple problem was that it was way too effective, you could spot any enemy from any distance and everybody began slapping it on killing any need to actually be aware of your surroundings.

skip1012977d ago

because it does its job they should nerf it? its there for everyone to use. The flashlight is more of a problem but i wont cry about it, leave it in, i dont give a fuck, this is war motherfucker, its kill or be killed dammit!!!! RAAAWWWRRRR

sovietsoldier2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

@alpha , agree, those who hate the nerf are as they say the ones who use it the most, hence the hate. problem was the length you could see with it and the power to see through everything with ease. on the battlefield there is little to no environment effects that disrupt the irnv to give you a chance . sun, smoke and flames don't work to disrupt irnv at distance like they should. making camo other then spec ops play a factor is also a option to look into and give you a reason to choose wisely. making auto fire disrupt irnv would also work like the old nv1 scopes.

people need to remember it has to be fun for everyone and give everyone a fair chance not just make the game go in the dirrect of those with then without.

Tapioca Cold2977d ago


Thanks. I could not have said it better myself. What a bunch of cry babies this gen is.

it's war mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tepkisiz2977d ago

The thing about is IRNV is it is a MUST in CQB; Metro especially. I dont really care about it though, they can nerf it as much as they want, I'll still get my kills with another scope.
BF3 is not a game about who sees who first, It is about watching the mini-map&objectives all the time and acting smart.

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