Xbox 360 Users Greeted With Bugs From Skyrim Patch 1.2

Xbox 360 users also reporting resistance glitch, dragon bugs, and gameplay glitches as a result of Skyrim's 1.2 update.

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DarkBlade46582972d ago

This does not bode well for Bethesda. Skyrim is such a great game. It's a shame that the majority of headlines about the game have to do with bugs.

Jobesy2972d ago

Worst coding this gen. Yeah, I realize that with open world games comes bugs, I can deal with that, but poor coding that make a game unplayable is unacceptable. Holding off purchase till it gets sorted out.

iamgoatman2972d ago

"Worst coding this gen."

Ironically enough I'd give that title to Codemasters this gen, their last few releases have been filled with bugs and if you were "lucky" to get a patch at all it always seemed to break more than it fixed.

SeanRL2972d ago

This patch seems to have been a complete letdown across all the consoles. It's disappointing because the game really is great when it's running properly, who the hell was doing QA for this?

Domer252972d ago

Yeah agreed....Its actually made the 360 ver. worse than before the patch (check the Bethesda forums), i mean WTF!!

This is just a mess right now......

SeanRL2972d ago

I've had a chance to play it pre-patch on xbox and didn't have any issues whatsoever other than some not so impressive textures, getting it on ps3 soon hopefully they can fix the lag. I'm going to check the forums soon, interested to see the amount of backlash they must be getting for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.