Too Many Game Sequels? Industry ran out of new ideas?

Looks like the gaming industry ain’t going nowhere. Why do I say that?Well,it ain’t producing something I’d love to play over and over again. Its clear,the huge empire running publishers have made it clear to the amazingly capable game studios to keep on producing the same junk over and over again.

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iamnsuperman2977d ago

Partly but i think the main problem is insecurity. Sequels are more likely to sell than new ips and with production values having to be so high it makes more sense to have sequals over new ips. New ips are easier to become profitable on much small budgets and smaller teams making downloadable games. It is sad that new ips are seen too risky but you can't blame them

kneon2976d ago

You can't really blame the studios for shying away from new IPs. Just look at the fate of new IPs over the last couple of years, it's littered with the roadkill of failed new games that were hyped up and then failed to live up to sales expectations.

bobrea2976d ago

First of all, you used the word "aint" twice in the first two sentences, so I refuse to read your article. Second of all, you shouldn't expect there to be NO sequels. I like some sequels. I also like new IP's, but there is room for both. And third of all, it seems as though your article title implies that crafting a whole new story, even if for a sequel, is a lack of new ideas. Games and franchises are (usually) evolving and adding something new with either each new IP, or each installment of an established franchise. So...shut up.

Dee_912976d ago

Not enough sequels if you ask me

DaveMan2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

This article is dumb...

1. It's late in the generation. The general rule is to release your big new ip's in the beginning, and conclude the trilogy by the end of the gen.

2. While there may be alot of sequels there are alot of interesting new ip's that were released this year like L.A Noire, Rage, Shadows of the Damned, El Shaddai, Child of Eden, Dark Souls (yes it's technically a new ip), Dead Island, etc...But of course he just skims over that...>.>

3. This rising cost of productions this generation has put a large strain on publishers. If a new ip doesn't sell well for a mid size studio than that could be the last of them. Yes the developers are essentially resting on there laurels but only simply because the consumer is more hesitant to put 60$ on a brand new ip, than say an established franchise there familiar with like Uncharted, or Gears.

4. Also I'd like to note, even though we are far into the generation there are still some highprofile new ip's coming out for 2012, and even 2013...The Last Guardian, Dishonored, Del Torro's Insane, The Devils Third, Bioshock Infinite...quite impressive when were this late in the game.

SeraphimBlade2976d ago

Obviously, because this has never been a problem in the industry before. ever.

Seriously though, think there are too many sequels in AAA gaming? I REALLY recommend exploring the download and handheld market. That's where most of the originality is (ignoring the blatant minecraft ripoffs on XBLIG)