Vita games price will offer value for money, says Sony

The yet-to-be-revealed price of PS Vita games will offer value for money, Sony has told

Sony has stated that PS Vita titles are likely to have a similar price tag to their PS3 cousins, with digital downloads receiving a 20 per cent discount. But precise numbers have yet to be revealed.

Last week we asked Sony's Michael Denny if Vita games could offer value for money at a time when most iOS games are priced at 69p.

"Absolutely," said Denny, who is the senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios, Europe. "I don't disregard smaller, bite-sized games and the pricing models that go with them. It's all about consumer choice and user experience, and how people want to consume games.

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MasterCornholio2970d ago

I hope it isn't true because 60 euros is a lot to ask for a handheld game. I thought it was already confirmed that they would cost the same as 3DS titles.


-Alpha2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The title of this article sounds like Sony is trying soften an upcoming blow, so don't be surprised.

Especially considering how much they are trying to push the PSV as almost a console on the go.

NJShadow2969d ago

Agreed. When I heard this, I though "Riiiiiiiiight". -_-

Philaroni2969d ago

I'd not mind paying $60 for a hard copy and maybe $50 for a digital. IF the games are good then cost is not that big of deal. Games like UC3 I'd pay more then what they are asking, same with Skyrim. So it all depends on the quality of the game and if that quality justifies the price.

-Alpha2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

^Too bad we can't pay what we think publishers deserve, that'd be a grand system if it worked correctly lol.

While I don't mind either, I find that it becomes really hard to maintain a PSV if it's going to be treated more like a console. As much as hardcore gamers may buy a PSV, I think it creates internal competition for Sony and forces console owners into a tougher position.

I don't see casual gamers touching a PSV, and then on the opposite end, I don't know if current-gen console owners will dedicate themselves to a portable device like that without it cutting into their main gaming platform

gamingdroid2969d ago

Then I will wait for them to drop in price!

$20 sounds about good.

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Majin-vegeta2969d ago

There won't be a set price for games it will be all random prices.

smashcrashbash2969d ago

That's what i read too. Sony said that not all games would be the same price. I suppose it will go according to the game. Could be as low as $20.00 or as high as $40.00

Micro_Sony2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

$60....WTF....Gee Sony let me grab the lube first b4 you have your way with me.

This is starting to look like the PS3 launch all over again.

xX-Jak-Xx2970d ago

it should be less than 50$

joeorc2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

"it should be less than 50$"

May i ask why you feel that way about the software cost of certain games on the PSVita may being priced to that near the PS3 software cost of certain games on the PS3 mainly disc based game distribution ?

Think about that for a sec before you answer.

I would like to point out that the percieved value of the game is what you as a person would be willing to pay for the software an it is not really about the platform that that the software gets released on, or does it?

Example: Q: what value is the game worth of a handheld system vs a system topset box that sits in the living room. Is that boil down to resolution the full game controller the content length?

Here is one of the very points im making.
if the PSVita is using the exact same art an shader models as such as the PS3 an the xbox360, does or would that make the point of it being or would cost the same costs in development time, investment tool chains an ability to offer that kind of experience that you get on a top set box on the go on a game system like the PSVita?

I mean does say for instance does the PSVita having the same Quad Core ver of its GPU an CPU chipset in mobile phones that would be priced much higher than the cost of the Vita should the Vita be priced along those same lines as the smartphones an tablets?

It i think is more about perception of the value being set based on what other handhelds are not as what the value is based on what it is.
just my opinion. But the idea that the PSVita can even run such games with the level that are near that of the PS3 an the xbox360 is really a big point the near other handheld games system like that is the Nintendo 3DS an even that system cannot reach that level of capability in its chipset as the PSVita can.

Ever heard of the trimslice PC? Its a Desktop Pc thats the size of mobile phone it runs the tegra 2 chipset which is capable of running the full windows 8 Os that has full Api support. An that Arm core chipset is even older than the one thats in the PSVita.

Should software be cheaper because that Pc can be put an carried in your pocket?

That is one of the very points about this percieved value of software based on it being a handheld, on the same token there has never been a handheld game system build with that level of chipset like what has been put into the PSVita.

Now im not saying i agree with the pricing myself, because Hell some disc based games priced @ $60.00 is for me priced too much for my opinion.

As a person who is in this part of the industry i can fully see why there is pricing as it is. The costs are many things you consider but with anything that value is opinion based on the company releasing the content an the consumer who may or may not see the same value in the device or its content.

Honky Kong2969d ago

Ok ok... STFU... Ha hah ha

Fatal Blow2970d ago

The uk price for ps vita games is £39.99 thats the same as ps3 games in online shops.
It should be less then that for a handheld games

Kurisu2970d ago

Where did you get that info Fatal? Retailers don't have the prices up yet.

Fatal Blow2970d ago

I saw the prices in shopto at the moment the site is performing upgrades hope this helps

Gamerita2970d ago

i say rip off if they charge the same as Ps3 game price & if they do i will stick to the 2nd hand market + buying the mini psn titles.

Sony is going to open the door to piracy once more if they charge crazy "greedy" prices for Vita retail games.

xX-Jak-Xx2970d ago

in a second thought
The vita's developer kit is €1,900 While the PS3 is €15,00 i think.....
Damn its a rip off
it should be less than 20$ !!

Gamerita2970d ago

yeb any more than £20 or $20 is rip off in my book.

but then this is Sony,you are more likely to get blood out of a stone than a penny out of Sony. this is one of the reasons why a lot of Ps3 gamers don't buy new Ps3 games & wait for them weeks or months to drop in price.

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