TGH Rayman Origins Review

"As covered in our Blast From The Past Series Rayman was the brainchild of Ubisoft designer Michel Ancel. His debut on the Sony Playstation and Atari Jaguar was one of brilliance and fresh gameplay, it was one of pure platforming celebration, Rayman was a game of just wonderful innovation in a market of 2D platformers. The same could not be said for its sequels. Doing away with the 2D aesthetic and adopting the 3D look as it grew more popular amongst games of the time, Rayman failed to stand out from the crowd as distinctly, its platforming was still solid and enjoyable but something had gone. It had lost its charm, its childish discovery, it had almost begun to go stale by its second outing. It is then a testament to Ubisoft’s unwavering determination that sixteen years after Rayman‘s release they are still pushing him forward, and this time it looks like going back to the beginning was the right way to go."

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