Mass Effect 3 Dev Defends Inclusion Of Multiplayer

360 Magazine: Mass Effect 3′s Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at 2012′s biggest RPG…

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Biglet2979d ago

Well he would, wouldn't he.

DaveX3602979d ago

He's talking about CoD.


AntoineDcoolette2979d ago

Where did he mention COD? I read it once and dont feel like scanning through it again to find the specific reference.

jimmins2979d ago

I personally defend anything I've made myself with my life. The other day I made amends and am still defending them now.

Nodoze2979d ago

I think it was a mistake to waste dev cycles on multiplayer for Mass Effect. Think of the additional content they could have included instead, and you get the picture.

The first 2 games sold well, and were solid single player experiences...why change that? It seems like an attempt to be something it is not (perhaps trolling for additional new target audience).

I still think this was a serious misstep.

Captain Qwark 92979d ago

i agree. not that some co-op would be bad in ME but i would prefer it to be more rpg like, single player only and those resources for MP used to create another planet or two for me to explore. they could put some jrpg like side missions in the game, like extra bosses for some rare guns or something

Laxman2979d ago

Even though they have stated a seperate team was built purely to create the multiplayer portion of the game while the main/original team simply focused on the story and single-player? Not to mention the team being bigger than ever before too, meaning even more man power being put into the single-player mode than number 2 alone, with Co-op an added bonus which by the way, you dont have to play if you dont want to.

Was Mass Effect 2 not good enough for you?

limewax2979d ago

For me it wasnt. They ruined what was close to being a great game by having 95% of the game end up as a huge set of errands for people so they will join your team.

I want a real story this time, like in the first game

papashango2979d ago

After skyrim they will probably wish they stuck that seperate team on singleplayer. Now I want all my rpg's to be packed with lore and the little details that bring a videogame world to life.

I don't play an rpg for deathmatch or some other stupid mp mode. That's why I have bf3

Solidus187-SCMilk2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I hear dead space is going to be a FPS for the next game.

Im pretty sure that EA is making them do this to try and get sales with both Dead space and ME3.

Too bad that EA is forcing devs to mess with the only two EA games that I even like.

Even if it is good co-op in ME3, I dont want it and wish they just made more SP for me and the ME fans instead of trying to change the game and add things to try and get people who dont even like ME to try it suddenly.

edit- I will be extra angry when they release some garbage multiplayer DLC instead of a good SP DLC like the shadow broker too.

Focus2979d ago

EA Online Pass. That is all this multiplayer is for.

Trainz2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Doesn't matter to me I'm not a bioware fan at all.
And I never buy games new so and I never buy online passes.
That means I will never get the uncharted 3 plat because of 1 trophy and I honestly don't care.
I don't support all this milking and dlc bullsh*t that goes on these days, neither should you.

@Blacktric They did just fine before this gen with pre-owned sales. They make a good game and people will buy it, they make half a game and release the other half as dlc throughout the year then release a bundled edition well I would just wait.
I'm not b*tching about anything, just saying that developers this gen are greedy as f*ck and we are feeding that greed.

Blacktric2979d ago

"And I never buy games new so and I never buy online passes.
That means I will never get the uncharted 3 plat because of 1 trophy and I honestly don't care."

Yeah... or you can wait for a year or wait for christmas sales to get the game for 30-40 bucks and maybe even less than that and support the developer in the process instead of bitching about something that's becoming a norm one way or another?

Dailynch2979d ago

There has to be a better way of encouraging sales than spoiling games with multiplayer that really shouldn't have them.

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