OXM: Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hands-on

OXM UK: "It's another blistering hot day in the Gulf of Oman, and right now, we're the only thing standing between the US invader and total domination of the map."

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Hufandpuf2970d ago

It's difficult to recommend at 1200 ms points? What kind of DLC is justifiable to him then? I bet he was the same one that told me to buy the halo map packs.

dirigiblebill2970d ago

I didn't say it was "difficult to recommend", I said it was "difficult to say" at this point whether it's worth the investment - hardly a controversial train of reasoning for a preview.

Hufandpuf2970d ago

In your opinion. What would make the price point justafiable.

dirigiblebill2970d ago

I'll call 1200 MP justifiable when the whole thing's in front of me and I feel like paying 1200 MP for it. Perhaps I will end up feeling that way, and perhaps I won't. I only played for an hour, and wasn't able to sample the fourth map. Previews, eh?

Janitor2969d ago

I pre-ordered so it's gonna cost me roughly 0 ms points. That being said I paid $15 for the Vietnam expansion and it was worth every penny.

leogets2969d ago

Itll be worth the wonga for people that didnt get limited itll be worth it.1 map alone brings more than the whole game of black ops and people bought that for top dollar