Most gamers lose interest in Single player gaming

It appears that many gamers lose interest in the story telling antics of single player games.

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_LarZen_2981d ago

If I had to pick just 1...I would have picked singleplayer any day.

T9002981d ago

I think this depends, if the game has long cut scenes its surely going to bore me, i would rather watch a movie instead.

AntoineDcoolette2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Its kinda funny because I've been losing my interest in multiplayer games lol. (At least competitive FPS I still love Starcraft 2)

Tanir2981d ago

exactly Larzen

MP gets boring fast imo. unless its a fighting game. otherwise SP all the way.......oh or a platformer like rayman or lbp.....but again SP!

Krew_922980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I strongly agree. If I were able to change many multiplayer-only games, I would be much happier.

I still however, enjoy many MMORPG's here and there.

TBM2980d ago

I'll still take single player over multi any day of the week.

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iamnsuperman2981d ago

I find it sad the important of multiplayer taking over development of some games resulting in some poor single player experiences. But I am glad there are developers out their who do produce some fantastic single player experiences. Multiplayer is great but ,to me, it is a nice extra compared to the single player (the one I prefer to play)

NuclearDuke2981d ago

You find it sad that people have other tastes for gaming than yourself?

I like competing against others, single player games are fine to give me an introduction, much like a tutorial. However, if I cannot interact with other people or compete, I will get bored incredibly fast.

Wintersun6162981d ago

Just like iamnsuperman (and I) find it sad that multiplayer is taking over and hindering singleplayer in some games, you would find it sad if games with good multiplayer would start decreasing in numbers and quality, would you not? It's not about being sad of someone having a different taste than you, it's about being sad of losing something you've learned to love.

I want to experience a great adventure and a good story. I find games which are geared towards multiplayer and have a short SP campaign with no replay value boring, because they get repetitive very fast. If I can't explore, do side quests, fool around or advance a story, I will get bored incredibly fast.

kneon2981d ago

I find that MP get's boring very quickly. Once I'm good at a new game I don't want to play it anymore, what's the point? I don't need to be constantly pwning noobs to boost my self esteem, I'd rather be having my ass kicked as I try to improve. As soon as I'm the one kicking ass it's time to move on.

wsoutlaw872981d ago

Ya, I cant believe they're trying to use the fact that no one finishes COD SP as proof. I only play sp with the exception of BF3. I didn't finish any of the cod games because they suck and ai on hard is a mess.

Animals_as_Leaders2981d ago

The only games I buy are single player games.

I play games for relaxation and escapism.

I'll leave the headset screaming matches to the only children.

Split screen co-op or LAN is the only way to do multiplayer imo, it maintains the social aspect and doesn't make you a dysfunctional social reject like most online gamers are.

PixL2981d ago

I'd love to meet my friends for gaming evenings but teleporting has not been invented yet...

JoySticksFTW2980d ago

Hey Animals, I was with you until you said you were vegan

I like meat

That's what she said... :)

But yeah, I like Single-player games best along with mmorpg's

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_Aarix_2981d ago

"it maintains the social aspect and doesn't make you a dysfunctional social reject like most online gamers are."

:( I gotta do more split screen.

TheFirstClassic2981d ago

There needs to be more games with split screen. :( All first person shooters should do split screen imo, and online splitscreen would be very nice in the Battlefield games. Playing with friends online doesn't beat playing right next to them.

FlashXIII2981d ago

While I prefer mp orientated games myself.. on losing interest on sp games I have just one word to counter the argument.. Skyrim. I usually find sp games boring especially those with a more linear approach to them. Skyrim though has completely changed my view on sp games and I've barely played anything else since it came out.

FCOLitsjustagame2981d ago

So people lose interest in singleplayer but, what, never lose interest in multiplayer...where you basically do the same thing over and over? Then the games they give as examples are games where he developer focused on multiplayer or just had a poor singleplayer experience.

Stop using multiplayer as a cruch and build a better single player (or coop) experience and those numbers will change.

I would always choose a good singleplayer game over a multiplayer game. Though my biggest preference is to have a game that does both well. (Though I prefer Coop multiplayer, hord/beast type modes, or stategy multiplayer more than just a bunch of run and gun (or camp) everyone else. I mean some of that is fun but it grows old without anything else rather quickly.)

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