Game Console Failure Rates – The Unreliable Generation?

GNVR writes: Imagine that you purchase a videogame console for the pricy sum of hundreds of pounds/dollars/local currency, you look after it with the utmost care and attention, wiping dust from its surface and allowing it space to breathe, and then one day it refuses to operate ever again. ......SquareTrade an insurance company analysed failure rates for over 16,000 new game consoles and discovered.....

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disturbing_flame3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Actually it's a surprise for nobody that the xbox was not reliable, with the slim version they've done a better job.

But it's still really annoying that they release a console that was meant to burn and had so much problems. Once again customers have been fooled, happily with time they replaced damaged consoles, but remember the start of this generation, it was a real mess for one year.

I replaced 3 xbox 360 since launch.

Colonel_Dante3146d ago

These failure rates is why I will wait next gen..

SnakeCQC3146d ago

its just that the first few batches were horrible i baught a launch ps3 broke in 3 months was forced to change to 40 gig model(with loads of store credit) a year on i was on my 4th ps3 (working to date) but i bought a 360 elite120 gig model(works to date) lesson to all buy a console a year or so after it comes out DO NOT PAY TO BE A TESTER

steve30x3146d ago

I had a 60GB Ps3 for four and a half years and it got used every day.

SnakeCQC3146d ago

i know some peoples that that have lasted to this day but know far more that didn't last

busytoad3146d ago

Its the reason i dont have a 360 anymore, after the red ring of death i took all my 360 games in traded them for ps3 games and bought a ps3. Been happy since.

MurDocINC3146d ago

I must be lucky cause I never had any of the consoles fail and their all dusty in closed space.

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The story is too old to be commented.