Very few Skyrim players get married

What does it say about gamers and how they spend their time in Bethesda's massive role playing game?

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bunt-custardly2702d ago

It says that people have fun slaying dragons, persoanlly I'd rather slay the wife.

The Matrix2701d ago

Isn't the point of Skyrim to avoid relationships?

WildArmed2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I thought Skyrim was a long term relationship?

ddurand12701d ago

no, there are alot of benefits to getting married.

I still dont plan to, however.

slayorofgods2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Thats because playing Elder Scrolls games can be addictive and eat into your real life..... Wait were we talking about something else?

Trainz2702d ago

At least you don't have a cell phone in skyrim lol.
Wife: Honey dinners ready.
You: 5 minutes I'm just slaying a dragon.
*6 minutes later*
You: I'm home.
Wife: Were the f*ck where you, now your f*cking dinners cold you.

Resistance_lord2701d ago

You: I brought some dragon balls
Wife: Oh, You <3

dragonyght2701d ago

its too simple theirs no challenge to it

Raf1k12701d ago

Too right. They need to make marriage interesting and fun.

wedgie2701d ago

They must have been trying to be realistic...

Raf1k12701d ago

Maybe so but TBH it would have been nice to have some interesting uses for the wife.

Bimkoblerutso2701d ago

I think the article is referring to Skyrim players in REAL life...

Leonesaurus2701d ago

"Very few Skyrim players get married"

Yeah, that's because we're all too busy playing the fuck outta this game for the next several months!

And that goes for in-game marrying and out of game too.

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The story is too old to be commented.