Rip Playstation 1 Game Music with Your Playstation 3

Vain Ziler from Final Smash briefly goes over this neat little feature of the Playstation 3 that doesn't seem to get a lot of notice.

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dvfaa3102d ago

holy crap i cant believe that i never thought of this! i used to pop Twisted Metal 3 into my ps1 while in the music player just so i could listen to Rob Zombie lol

Marceles3101d ago

I used to put the first Tomb Raider in my CD player to hear the theme and the voice tracks

"You talkin to me? Ain't no one else around here so you must be talkin to me!"

This was before I saw Taxi Driver so I was like "whoa, whoever made this game is clever! That skateboard guy is awesome!"

HowarthsNJ3101d ago

I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that you could rip the whole PS1 game to the HD when the PS3 first came out.

That may have changed and this might be a left-over that wasn't removed.

PirateThom3101d ago

No, you could never rip the full game, it's just because the games were on CD a lot of them had options to listen to the music via a CD player.

NotSoSilentBob3101d ago

I always said it would have been nice if Sony had added this feature for PSP gaming.

plmkoh3101d ago

The original PS1 (not ones we know of with the propriety video/audio plug) is actually an audiophile grade cd player.

Worth a small fortune if you sold one today.

r213101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

haha,weird, i read the title as RIP ps1 games on your ps3 XD
OT, now that is a neat feature, too bad my ps1 games got scratched up from playing too much,hahaha XD

Marceles3101d ago

Lol me too, I was like "Playstation 1 music is dead?"

r213101d ago

hahaha, oh n4g titles, they are so confusing XD

VainZiler3101d ago

Now that you mentioned that, I cannot unsee it. Also, I know your pain; many of the games I wanted to try this out with are simply too beat up to even be read for play, let alone ripping content. But I like to keep em around for sentimental reasons.

Coach_McGuirk3101d ago

this is news if you didn't realize that ps1 games contained cd-audio tracks