Xbox customer support claims loud DVD-ROM noises due to 'power packing'

Another day and yet another report of what one gamer would describe as incompetent customer service from the Xbox team.

He called in to ask about why his DVD ROM is constantly buzzing to which he got the reply that "Fans kick in, transistors start working.... it could that the console's too power packed."

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Interpol Agent5047d ago

Noise mothefuker. XBOX 360 makes more noise that a virgin.

Gamingisfornerds5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

I'm forced to wear headphones when playing games on my 360, imagine that! Sad really.

Too bad all the 360 exclusives don't appear on the PS3 or I would've gotten rid of it a long time ago.

Oh well.

socomnick5047d ago

yo gaming get a surround sound :) I dont hear any noise.

Gamingisfornerds5047d ago

Yeah, but I can't turn up the sound much anyway because of the other people living here. The 360 is really loud and you have to turn up the sound quite a bit to get some proper aural feedback.

It's not that I can't cope this way, but I think it's kind of lame MS had to stick the cheapest, loudest and crapiest DVD-drive in there. ;)

GuCCi5125047d ago


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HarryEtTubMan5047d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH the noise it that its "too power packed" LMAO . Yea and the Red Ring of Death is when the power REALLY starts packing in!!!!!!!!!! HAHA "TOO POWER PACKED" Everyone quote this. You wil notice the far superior PS3 is almost TOTALLY SILENT. Hmmmmmmmm

Relcom5047d ago

The rest was just fanboy sh1t

razer5047d ago

Wow, a CS Rep gives a stupid answer! Stop the press!!!

Just turn up your sound a bit and STFU! or buy one of the newer versions with the BenQ drives.

dantesparda5046d ago

It still doesnt change the fact that its LOUD!!! I shouldnt have to turn up my sounds to try and drown out the [email protected] sounds from the drive

367 To Your Ass5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

the reason for the 360 being so loud is because of the DVD drive inside, not the two huge fans in the back LOL, ANYONE WHO HAS A 360 will understand that first hand.


i had 3 360's and i found this out, I returned 2 kept 1 ( I needed the money don't ask why )

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The story is too old to be commented.