Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Now Live - Big File Size Revealed

MP1st - Battlefield 3 patch is now available for PS3 players. Also, server maintenance on all platforms is underway.

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TheDareDevil2976d ago

That's almost a gig! Such a huge patch. Must be a lot of tweaks in there.

Criminal2976d ago

DICE did address many problems, but the biggest one they left out. Mic issues have to be fixed.

PixL2976d ago

Probably includes Back to Karkand.

Crazyglues2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

It's so funny that you would have a patch and leave out two of the most important things... fix mics and fix squads...

no instead dice decided to change guns and change the feel of the game so it's more like Bad company 2 then BF3...

So run feels better but man there is a lot of things that are much worst - for one now you can get hit from someone across the map and have no clue where your getting shot from... GREAT DICE!!!

Who doesn't love getting killed from someone you can't even see..

They took out the kick back on the A91 and several guns, to make it easy for babies, I guess it was too hard to kill people from across the map, so that works now... FAIL

If your shooting someone while running or moving that no longer works, so just like BC2.. Great!!

oh yeah invr is no longer works like before, oh but flashlights still blind you like crazy so that good if you liked that... LoL

I have to play more before I can really comment fully but so far there is a lot more broke then fixed...

(why do game companies think it's a good idea to take a game you have adjusted too, and fallen in love with and then funk the whole thing up and call it an update???)


DasBunker2976d ago

hopefully the input lag is gone.. can anyone confirm? cant play until later..

Statix2976d ago

God, I hope the awful input lag and controls are fixed. They're almost totally ruining the game for me.

FragGen2976d ago

They should have had a beta! LOL!

DonaldBeck2976d ago

psn id flamesofhell44.

they need to fix the lag input when you choose a weapon (happens rarely though).

Intentions2976d ago

Geeze, GG for the people that are running out of broadband data.

SyluxPT2976d ago

What about a xbox 360 patch to correct the flashing green screen?

xdye0172976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I noticed that on my ps3 as well. Quiet annoying at times. Hope this patch fixes it.

Neo Nugget2976d ago

It used to happen in the beta a lot more than it does in the final build of the game. I've only noticed occur a few times in retail.

Mister_V2976d ago

It's funny, this problem never occurred for me in the first few weeks of gaming. Just kinda started happening recently.

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The story is too old to be commented.